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2 weeks ago

Starting off 2020 in the right state of mind. Family, family, family.

3 weeks ago

The neighborhood asked if I was doing my annual lights this year. Hopefully, I didn’t disappoint. #HiYouAreLoved : )

4 weeks ago

Wishing everyone an amazing holiday season with their loved ones. Take a minute to tell your fam you love them, it’ll make their day. Also, Jenny is insane in the last 2 photos, she couldn’t stop laughing and needed @christierobowens to help pull her together! Much love to everyone!!

last month

I gotta be honest, I don’t know anything about Star Wars whatsoever, but this picture rules. Missing my dudes @pierrebouvier and @dereksteez but I’m happy to have a lot of awesome memories from the tour! The last 2 days of the WTK tour are tonight in Gainesville and tomorrow night in Tampa at Crowbar. We’ll make them extra special for anyone who comes!! 📸: @tony_catalano

last month

New Orleans! Come see me and my best friends tomorrow night aka Tuesday Dec 3rd at House Of Blues! Tickets are still available for the show, so just walk up tomorrow! We The Kings will ROCK YO FACEEEEEE 🤘 📸: @tony_catalano

last month

Really missing my girls today 😔 also, really grateful for my amazing wife @jennyrobinson1 for doing everything she does with a smile on her face. I love you so much and when I get home I will be sending you on a vacation all by yourself 😂 #SingleMomLife #SortOf

last month

We had a special surprise for the Salt Lake City show! The one and only @ElenaCoats came to perform our platinum selling song together aka #SadSong

last month

New caption... who needs pants?? 📸: @tony_catalano

last month

Repost from @pierrebouvier we’ve both gotten into pretend modeling. How are we doing so far???

last month

Nature boy. Just trying to get my lumberjack on. Show in Seattle tonight!! Photo by @tony_catalano

last month

Redwoods Forest. Has anyone every been to this area of California?? I HIGHly suggest it! #WeTheKingsOfTheWild 📸 by @tony_catalano

last month

@MachineGunKelly x @WeTheKings - Name a better surprise cameo during our set, I’ll wait. we love you brother! 📸: @tony_catalano

last month

Swipe over to see the comedy reel of my baby mama AKA my wifey AKA @jennyrobinson1 that she and our amazing friend @lindsayrose98 put together! I know a lot of you guys tell me at concerts that you’ve seen Jenny in movies, TV shows and commercials, so I wanted to post this! Also, you can go to the link in her bio to see the other 2 video reels that she posted! I’m proud of you baby!

last month

I’ve got so much love for this girl! @AvrilLavigne I’m so grateful for our friendship and I can’t wait to get back to LA and create more music together!! Come stay with @jennyrobinson1 and I in Orlando for a little vacation and we can write there too ⚡️🔥🎹

last month

I just hiked the same trail that Jenny and I used to do all the time and it made me miss her so much. But I’m 3 hours behind in California and she’s asleep with the girls so I can’t tell her. Instead, I’ll write this post so when she wakes up she will see it. Jenny, I love everything about you, and I love that everything reminds me of you and the girls when I’m away. I love that all of the movies on my computer are animation because it reminds me of our girls and how we snuggle up in bed and watch Frozen for the 3,000th time. I love that the cold air out here reminds me that you let me keep our Florida house at 68°F which freezes you out but you know I like it that way. I love that all day today I’ve passed houses For Sale and each one makes me think about you and our growing family and how lucky we are to have the ability to live in both FL and CA and how exciting it will be to find a place that we can call home out here. I love when we FaceTime how usually all I get to do is stare at the ceiling because you had to put the phone down and help the girls do whatever it is that they were trying to do, I love it because it makes me think how lucky I am that you chose me and support me while I live my dream career and it makes me think how lucky the girls are to have such a loving and patient mom. All in all, these are the things that went through my head today, and because of them, I miss you. Love, Trav

last month

Photo taken just seconds before I was taken into concussion protocol. 📸: @tony_catalano

last month

So many new friends. Thank you all for loving our music and supporting us through the years. It has been wild! 📷: @tony_catalano

Nov 2019

Yep, @dereksteez and I showcasing our love for our fellow lead singer @pierrebouvier from the front row no less. #HeyDadLookAtMe

Nov 2019

Happy birthday @JennyRobinson1 you are my absolute favorite person in this world and I love you more than you’ll ever know. I have too many photos in my phone of us, but I searched “kissing” in my iPhone photos, and here’s what came up. Conveniently enough, there were like a million of us. Sooo I chose some that brought me right back to those moments: 1. ) we had just gotten married and were laying in bed when we took this photo. Our ‘first’ wedding was incredible exactly how it was, hiccups and all! 2. ) this photo was taken at the EXACT spot that I asked you to marry me. (Not sure why it came up under “kissing” ) 3. ) we took this photo surrounded by sea turtles in Hawaii. This was technically Kya’s first trip to Hawaii too : ) 4. ) another Hawaiian picture from our very first luau. Such a spiritual place that we need to go back to. 5. ) in front of the place we called home for so long. Don’t worry, I think LA is in our future again! 6. ) pregnancy photos taken by yours truly : ) These are easily the best photos I’ve ever taken! 7. ) underneath the tent of the beautiful company you started with your sisters to help others. 8. ) out at the beach house where we go so many times to escape the middle of the state. You’re a sunny beach girl and I’m a redhead... looks like opposites DO attract. 9. ) on one of our ski trips. My family took skiing trips growing up and I can’t wait to carry on that tradition with you and the girls! 10. ) at the Orlando Magic game where you got to dance on the court again and share a special reunion with so many of your friends who you got to share the court with for years! I love you.

Nov 2019

Fun fact, I am a MASSIVE @KeyAndPeele fan, and this is a pretty normal occurrence on tour backstage in the green rooms. #iSaidBitch @keeganmichaelkey @jordanpeele

Nov 2019

GR Michigan...u cray!! We love the sh!t outta u ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Nov 2019

I love candid photos when you’re not expecting it, you know? Man @tony_catalano you totally caught me off guard... I didn’t even know you had your camera! Very sneaky

Nov 2019

Look who’s flying to Nashville to see me and mainly @coswandel !!!!!!! Nashville filter for the trip to Nashville 🤯

Nov 2019

Can’t keep this kid down.