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16 hours ago

HE’S THIRTY, FLIRTY, AND THRIVING. happy birthday, geff. thanks for taking me on all those hikes and changing my life for the better!!!! god bless

2 weeks ago

this is gonna be the best weekend of our fucking lives. P.S. check out the middle finger on this dude!!!!

2 weeks ago

hey, tell your mother to pick up. now excuse me while i tag everyone who helped on the shoot! Locale Magazine @localemagazine Photographed By: Travis McCoy, @travis_mccoy_photography Written By: Dash Finley, @morlokmovie Styled By: Teresita Madrigal, @bornorigingal Groomed By: Lexi Kleyla, @lexikleyla

2 weeks ago

happy birthday, natalie. will you be my girlfriend?

3 weeks ago

fuck marry kill #amas !!! 🤪🦄🤠

4 weeks ago

sat there for hours picking rose petals off thorny stems, repeating the phrase “she loves me, she loves me not”, as the bathwater filled to the brim, as the flowery scent lifted to the ceiling, and as the photographer fucking begged for a less dramatic model.

4 weeks ago

we look fuckin good in these dresses

5 weeks ago

i remember sitting behind my computer at my parents’ kitchen table trying to work on research papers; i use the word try because i would always find myself writing stories and song lyrics instead. the assignment could be due the next day, and still, it was always art that felt more urgent. i could take a C minus to the chest and survive. but without fiction and music i’d sink. the lines that were once my life raft are now in a book, a hardback on the history of how i managed to stay afloat. and my heart for music is now on tour, an experience better lived up than written down.

last month

before i agreed to be a part of this nationwide tour, i had one demand: to share a bunk with scott. i’m sorry for waking up screaming every night. it’s because i had dreams of me dying. thanks for saving me.

last month

page something of 200 and something

last month

#ad @lavernecox & @smirnoffus Seltzer & Me. 🦄♥ ️

last month

halloween twenty-eighteen, i dressed up as one too many things, but this year i’ve been nothing but a dweeb on tour making moms and dads scream

last month

@__nitch page 180 of 200-and-something.

last month

pre-show shake!!!!

last month

my bffl <3

last month

when she says she wants to go on a double date

Oct 2019

first book signing was yesterday in omaha. we have a show tonight in omaha. we love you, omaha. also, never thought my thicc thumbs would ever type out those two first sentences. •,•

Oct 2019

reminiscing while living life out on the open road xD

Oct 2019

darren first handed me his “fiction notepad” when he was 22. five years later and it’s out in the world for people to read. happy 27th, D. i love you.

Oct 2019

#ad these last couple days have been a dream come true. i never thought i would go from throwing up TLDR (too long don’t read ) captions on instagram to writing a collection of short stories and poems. thank you darren for believing in me and allowing me to send you all my stories. thank you @smirnoffus for loving me and staying loyal, as well as sponsoring this beautiful book launch,, much l0ve

Oct 2019

national boyfriend day is CANCELLED!!!

Oct 2019


Sep 2019

i loathe self-promotion, but tomorrow is october 1st. and that’s when my book of stories, poems, comics and other ponderables comes out. so this is me promoting and letting you know you can pre-order or just wait till tomorrow and buy it using the link in my bio,,,,

Sep 2019

already did zane