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2 days ago

The photo you never knew you needed: young Stan Lee on a small horse in New York City in the 1920s. Stan had fond memories of this picture. #NationalHorseDay

2 weeks ago

Decisions, decisions. Which ride do you think Stan chose? #FlashbackFriday #ghostbusters #greenhornet

2 weeks ago

Mark your calendars for 12/20 to celebrate Stan The Man! #Repost @marvel ・・・ True Believers! Celebrate the life and legacy of Stan Lee in a new primetime TV special, featuring celebrities and creators from across the Marvel Universe and never-before-seen footage! Catch it Friday, December 20 at ‪8‬|7c on ABC. #CelebratingStanLee

3 weeks ago

Stan The Man had such a distinctive signature style. It was a font all his own! @thestanleeshop

3 weeks ago

On this #Thanksgiving , we’d like to express our thanks for the spectacular stories and characters that Stan co-created and convey our gratitude to the fans for continuing to celebrate Stan’s legacy all around the world. Happy Thanksgiving and Excelsior!

4 weeks ago

We love seeing Stan’s life and legacy celebrated all over the world ❤️ . #Repost @sunny_day_entertainment ・・・ Remembering the Father of PopCulture @therealstanlee alongside a legend in his own right the creator of #deadpool @robliefeld #stanleesupercon2019 #riyadh

4 weeks ago

The many mannerisms of The Man.

5 weeks ago

Morgan Stark ❤️ Little Stan Plush 3000. Guess where we are!

last month

A sincere thank you to all the fans who joined us in sharing memories of Stan yesterday. Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment will continue Stan’s memory and legacy. Just like all of you, we’re Still True Believin’!

last month

Remembering Stan ❤ Please enjoy this candid video from a few years back of Stan spontaneously singing during a signing session, as he was often known to do.

last month

As a veteran himself, Stan was always a proud supporter of those who serve and have served our country. #VeteransDay

last month

We ❤️ you 3000. #tbt

last month

😀😉😬😛 —> @thestanleeshop

last month

Happy Halloween! #tbt to Stan trying to recreate the monster mash with some terrifically terrifying zombie cosplayers! (Fun fact: Stan brought a character called The Zombie to life in Menace #5 back in 1953! ) #Halloween

last month

With great power there must also come – a great looking jacket! #tbt

last month

We heard this robe was made of unstable molecules… #FlashbackFriday

Oct 2019

Go back to the mall that started it all! Stan’s Mallrats cameo was 24 years ago. @thatkevinsmith and @jaymewes return to the monument to consumerism where Brody has constructed a comicbook store shrine to The Man. See this ode to our Generalissimo in #JayandSilentBobReboot October 17th with @fathomevents .

Oct 2019

The Little Stan Lee Plush has been making the rounds at Los Angeles Comic Con! #lacomiccon

Oct 2019

The Little Stan Lee Plush is back, this time at Los Angeles Comic Con! If you see the plush around the convention, feel free to ask for a photo—it may just end up on the web! #lacomiccon

Oct 2019

Cameo King crossover at #NYCC ! Can you guess all the Stan Lee cameos?

Oct 2019

Live from New York, it’s… Stan Lee?! A few years back there was a campaign to have Stan host Saturday Night Live, but technically, he already appeared on the show - in a 1978 comicbook, that is! (Marvel Team-Up Vol. 1 #74 , to be exact. ) #SNL

Oct 2019

Stan was awarded many accolades over his lifetime. Which of the below honors did he receive? A. Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame B. White Castle Cravers Hall of Fame C. Jack Kirby Hall of Fame D. Disney Legends Award E. Will Eisner Award Hall of Fame #TriviaTuesday

Sep 2019

#FlashbackFriday to 3 years ago, when the City of Los Angeles declared September 27th as STAN LEE DAY! (Stan received this honor on different days across many cities and states! )

Sep 2019

Co-created 100s of characters: ✅ Penned countless stories: ✅ Revolutionized the industry: ✅ That’s icon status. ‘Nuff said. #NationalComicBookDay (This is from a 1943 Terry-Toons Comics book, one of Stan’s earliest appearances in a comic panel. )