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20 hours ago

...the year's not quite over yet, but, why not... had a ton of fun in 2019, & although some of the best times & posts werent on this list, it doesnt erase them from my memory 👌😎🍾... ▪︎The Lavender Luxury▪︎

6 days ago

...10yrs ago today @snoopdogg dropped "Malice N Wonderland" (2009 ), which was one of my fave albums that year, & I ended up playing a few of the album's songs on my radio show at WRSU 88.7fm... to this day I still believe it's an underrated album in Snoop's music catalog that doesnt get it's just due... what are your opinicons on it???... my only gripe is that his song with Soopafly & Lil 1/2 Dead (The 9 Inch Dix ) called "Bubble Gum" wasnt on this album yet was on the mixtape for it with constant DJ talk over it, & to this day it hasnt been officially released... some of my faves off this album are "Secrets", "Diffrent Languages", "Special", "Pimpin Ain't EZ", & "Luv Drunk"... this album also spawned the rare spinoff album & movie the following year "More Malice" (Spring 2010 ) which featured new songs & remixes as well... ▪︎The Lavender Luxury▪︎ #SnoopDogg #MaliceNWonderland #Vinyl #RecordCollector #VinylLove #HipHop

1 weeks ago

...as an introvert, some days I just dont wanna be around people... usually its cause they drain the shit out of me & I need like 24-48hrs to get my full energy back... today is one of those days!!!... no people; just me & my music... earlier it was Fashiøn & DāM-FunK, tonite its Miss Janet. with my all-time favorite album of hers & era from her (adding her Poetic Justice movie as reasoning ) on limited edition clear vinyl ✌💜🎶... ▪︎The Lavender Luxury▪︎ #JanetJackson #Vinyl #RecordCollector #VinylLove #90sMusic #LivingLegend #Classic @janetjackson

2 weeks ago

...continue being that UNIQUE individual u are... even if it means u get stared at constantly wherever u go, & get people nudging their friends or partner to look at u as u pass them confidently & nonchalantly minding your biz (LOL )... look & dress however the FUCK u want!!!... if blending in is "the norm", then I never wanna be normal --- DIG THAT! ✌💜&🎶... ▪︎The Lavender Luxury▪︎

2 weeks ago

...s/o to Tammy @voyeur77 for putting together the listening party for Prince's "1999" Super Deluxe LP in NYC tonite... the Allen Beaulieu & Dan Piepenbring interviews were my personal faves ✌💜🎶... ▪︎The Lavender Luxury▪︎

3 weeks ago

..."1999" Super Deluxe 10 LP set has been in my hands for half the day now, & I must say, they did it RIGHT, finally!... "1999" has always been my favorite Prince album with my all-time favorite song of his "Something In The Water" to go along with this... aside from this classic LM1 drum machine driven Funk album, his outtakes & unreleased tracks from this era have always been my favorite also... so to hear tracks like "Possessed", "Purple Music", "Turn It Up", & "Do Yourself A Favor" (among others ) remastered for the first time is unbelievable to fathom, yet a bit of a downer to my ears (after hearing the gritty unmastered versions for more than a decade will do that to ya, haha )... but beside my ears needing to get use to these versions, the super deluxe box set was put together exactly how I'd want it to be, with a 37 page record sized booklet complete with full size rare photos, stories, lyric notebook pages, & liner notes (featuring GnR's Duff McKagan ), record sleeves with fold out covers & even MORE photo sleeves for each one... aside from the deluxe version, the regular 2 LP record with purple colored vinyl is here as well, & beside "Purple Rain", this album is essentially the only 2 LPs NEEDED to be put on purple vinyl!!!... ya'll really dont know how long I've waited for a deluxe "1999" album to come out... many many years ago, we decided to make our own deluxe Prince albums, burn them on 2 cd's & load up the 2nd cd with songs that fir that release year's "sound"... although I will also be getting the deluxe CD version as well, the box set vinyl is what I'm most happy with having first (complete with full download cards as well )... I'm definitely "thankful" for this... next up? Fashiøn's "Fabrique" deluxe album from the same year (1982 ) ✌💜🎶... ▪︎The Lavender Luxury▪︎ #Prince #1999 #MPLSsound #TheGreatestOfAllTime #Vinyl #RecordCollector #VinylLove #1999SuperDeluxe

4 weeks ago

FYI, this new "My Name Is Prince" book is so HUGE, it makes the "21 Nights" book seem like a thick magazine, let alone making this Wham! book look the size of an old Cliff Notes packet!... Good God! where the FUCK am I gonna put this shit!?! lol... #Prince #RandeeStNicholas

4 weeks ago

...NYC, be sure to catch DāM-FunK this Thursday night in Brooklyn at Baby's All Right, in his final NY appearance for 2019... tickets available at babysallright.com... ✌💜🎶 (video footage & edit by @thelavenderluxury ) @damfunk @babysallright #DamFunk #Brooklyn #NYC

4 weeks ago

...15yrs ago today, The Masterpiece dropped, Snoop Dogg's "R&G: Rhythm And Gangsta", my all-time favorite album from him, & at this time in my life (early 20s ), this album spoke to me perfectly & represented ME & my 'ventures in the world at that time (if u know my story & my history, then u FULLY understand! 😎 )... @snoopdogg thank u personally cuzz for putting together this album at that time, & collabin' with Pharrell, Alchemist, Bootsy, Uncle Charlie & the 9 Inch Dix (Soopafly & Lil 1/2 Dead ) on this musical masterpiece on cuts like "Let's Get Blown", "Promise I", "I'm Threw Witchu", "Ups & Downs", "Perfect", "No Thang On Me", & "Drop It Like Its Hot"... this LP will forever be MY SHIT!!! 😎🤜🤛🏾👑🎶... ▪︎The Lavender Luxury▪︎ #SnoopDogg #RhythmAndGangsta #Vinyl #RecordCollector #VinylLove #HipHop #classic

last month

...where do I begin with this #Forgotten80s breakdown???... for those who know me or have followed me on IG for the last 5-7yrs, u have seen me post about Fashiøn several times, & know about my 💜 for them (specifically 1981-83 w/ their "Fabrique" LP ) as well as their time with Dave Harris as lead & their production w/ Zeus B.Held... they seemed mysterious w/ a blend of funky & dark/new wave in them when they caught my ears many many years ago as I stumbled over their music during my 80s 🎶 resurgence following my burnout from HipHop at the end of 2009... Dave Harris (credited as De Harriss back then ) pretty much did a one-off album w/ Fashiøn, leaving in 1983 to form the duo ZEE with Pink Floyd's Richard Wright (who had left Floyd after their The Wall tour ) using the brand new Fairlight II equipment at the time, writing & recording & learning sort of all at the same time, coming up with 8 album tracks for their 1984 album "Identity", 1 non-album b-side (at the time ) & 1 lost track (posted by Dave himself 33yrs later ), & hopefully a few more that may come to light in the future... I personally stumbled upon #ZEE when i researched Dave (in 2011 ) & what he did when he left one of my fave 80s groups, #Fashiøn ... I was thrilled w/ anticipation the last year when I found out Dave was personally putting together a 35th anniversary of the 1984 album, repackaged as "Identity 2019", digitized, w/ box set features, photos, stories, rough mixes & even a limited #vinyl run... ZEE at the time may not have faired greatly w/ the general public or hardcore Pink Floyd fans, but they have had a noted cult following over the decades, which is another reason why Im sure this project made it's way to the presses finally... my faves off this album have always been "Cuts Like A Diamond", "Seems We Were Dreaming", "Voices", & "Confusion"... if u listen to Dave's work on Fashiøn's "Fabrique" album, u can sort of get a continuation from their songs like "Slow Blue" & "You Only Left Your Picture" into ZEE's work...I also just found out (& Im ecstatic ) that #DaveHarris is back & currently recording w/ Zeus B.Held again on what looks like a "Fabrique II" album...✌💜🎶 •The Lavender Luxury•

last month

...havent even cracked open the Morris Day book yet after 3 weeks, & now THIS!... #Prince ▪︎The Beautiful Ones memoir... & so it begins... gonna have to get my read on this Fall & Winter, good God!...

last month

...had the pleasure of meeting my all-time fave tag team growing up, Demolition (Ax & Smash ) yesterday with my friend since childhood... in the 80s, growing up, I loved their intimidating presence & face paint plus Ax's gravelly voice, silver eyes & slicked back hair reminded me of my dad... they were menacing at that time period to say the least, & to a 7 or 8yr old kid like me, it something I always remembered, to where when we would wrestle as kids, we often imitated them, & even when we wrestled our older sisters, they liked them too... I vividly remember my older sister & my boy's older sister, teaming up, calling themselves Smashette & Axelina (hahaha )... chopping it up with Barry & Bill yesterday was a pleasure & their stories are great, thanks 👊... ▪︎The Lavender Luxury▪︎ #Demolition #Ax #Smash #WWFlegends #WWElegends #80swrestlingcon

last month

...Monday mood, on the move, up to N.H. ✌💜🎶...

last month

...happy c-day to my cuz @snoopdogg 👌😎🍾... enjoy ya day & keep ya hair game on point like Stacy Adams 👌... ▪︎The Lavender Luxury▪︎

last month

..."She's Thirsty. Pour It On!"...excerpts from the Purple Paisley Brunch in NYC... bottomless mimosas, purple waffles catfish fritters, chicken sausage & turkey bacon (no pork please! )... s/o to @voyeur77 for this dope Under The Cherry Moon table setting, & @priana for the 📸... thanks to the queen bee @bklyngurl42533 for setting this whole @purplepaisleybrunch up, @iamjeromebenton for coming thru & @manecalightn this year too... #PPBNYC2019 #BehindTheLavenderLuxury

last month

Ladies & Gentlemen, the always lovely Maneca Lightner (Madhouse cover girl ) at the Paisley Park Brunch in NYC... & since I've never posted my Madhouse LPs & 12"s, this is the perfect time to do so 💜✌🎶... #BehindTheLavenderLuxury #ManecaLightner #PPBNYC2019 @purplepaisleybrunch #VinylVeteran #RecordCollector

Oct 2019

...just picked this up today from the store, should be a very interesting read (when I can find the time of course )... Morris & the other Original 7ven (The Time ) have always had this great sort of objective/subjective ying-yang perspective as a whole when it came to Prince & their dealings with him... remember, Morris is a talented musician/artist who grew up knowing Prince as a kid in school & with local bands years before The Time concept even began... their friendly rivalry in the 70s, 80s, & 90s was always fun to read about when I really began my research in the mid 00s about the whole MPLSound era & behind the scenes stories all the Prince related artists & musicians had... lately, ive come across these Prince "fanatics" who completely discredit any & all Prince related artists who even slightly criticize or disagreed with him about anything when he was alive or after his passing, even going so far as to badmouth people like Morris, Wendy, & Jesse??? c'mon now!!! smh these artists loved Prince & had a connection with Prince decades long, that no "fanatic" could ever understand or grasp... dont we all fight or disagree with our siblings & loved ones from time to time???... anyway, just my TWO CENTS on this topic (I may not always give my opinion on things, but I'm always listening, watching & observing )... before I forget, @themorrisday thank u for putting this book out & finally writing down your thoughts ✌💜🎶... ▪︎The Lavender Luxury▪︎ #OnTime #MorrisDay

Oct 2019

...midnite in Brooklyn w/ the lovely @livwarfield ... her & her band absolutely KILLED IT!... btw, small & intimate shows are the best (subject is not up for debate lol 😎 )... photo credit: @bklyngurl42533 #BehindTheLavenderLuxury #LivWarfield #Brooklyn

Sep 2019


Sep 2019

...about last nite... Q&A with Ray, followed by another dope set over at YouTube Space... ✌💜🎶 ▪︎The Lavender Luxury▪︎ @raphael_saadiq #NYC #youtubespaceny

Sep 2019

...one of a kind... #StayUnique #BehindTheLavenderLuxury

Sep 2019

...last night in Brooklyn seeing @raphael_saadiq & @robfonkstarr perform together on stage was classic... Ray-Ray killed it performing his new powerful album "Jimmy Lee", as well as a few of his classics, while Rob absolutely crushed his guitar solos in "Fonksta" fashion... even the VIP soundcheck was dope, & of course the meet & greet too... Raphael may be one of the most slept on producers, but to me, he is a living legend & one of my music icons since his Tony Toni Toné years... thank u to Mike the manager over at the Music Hall as well for last night's show 🤜🤛... if u havent had a chance to listen to Ray's new album, or catch him on tour, definitely do one or both, it's well worth it, ✌💜🎶... ▪︎The Lavender Luxury▪︎ #RaphaelSaadiq #RobBacon #JimmyLeeTour #MusicHallOfWilliamsburg #Brooklyn

Sep 2019

🎶🎶🎶 as the reissues keep pouring in......... I gotta make more room for all this stuff... #Prince #MPLSsound #RecordCollector #VinylVeteran

Sep 2019

many of u follow me on IG for my vinyl music history posts & specifically my "Forgotten" music posts... & although I havent done as many lately, this particular post has an extremely long back story w/ me that I cant fully describe here but will try detailing a bit because I know many of u appreciate what I put forth in my writing on here.▪︎my story w/ #StaxRecords goes back to when I was a teen in the mid'90s... as I did w/ every Rap album I bought back then (& any genre to this day ), I would read the credits, liner notes, see which songs were sampled, write it down, then go to record stores, search & buy the original artist's LP or 45... the very 1st sampled LP I bought back then was Isaac Hayes "Hot Buttered Soul", which I loved so much, it made me go back & clean out entire sections of his albums at record stores (if I could afford it ) & then listen to Ike's music for days, weeks, months & years into my 20s... 1 of my fave songs of his is this 11+ min cover version of "Look Of Love", which has an extremely unique sort of pre-verb slapback echo towards the end that will always give me chills... the genius of Isaac Hayes (producer, engineer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, singer ) was so important to Stax & its subsidiaries (Enterprise & Volt Records - Stax decoys used to gain more radio play at the time )... the 3 soundtracks Hayes recorded (Shaft, Truck Turner, Tough Guys ), plus Booker T's seldom mentioned "Uptight" score were all musical gems for Stax, plus other great Stax LPs at the time from David Porter, Johnnie Taylor, Dramatics, Emotions, & the Black Woodstock doc/soundtrack - Wattstax.. all are reasons why I always dug the Stax soul a lil more than Motown's... #IsaacHayes in particular had countless 7-15 minute long songs & a flamboyant image/style that always appealed to my ears & eyes in a way that only Prince could top... sadly, over the years after he passed in 2008, Hayes sort of became this "forgotten" music icon of mine whose 🎶 I havent really detailed on here lately, but thankfully my trip to Stax in Memphis has resurfaced these thoughts of mine about him - RIP Ike ▪︎The Lavender Luxury▪︎ #Vinyl #RecordCollector #70sSoul #MemphisSound