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3 weeks ago

Yesterday was dope and I Just wanna Thank the Most High to be able to see another year man I’m thankful and This year I hope I step in the right direction towards my future to bring this dream to reality and to shine my greatness, my light & Love on everybody... Mathews 5: 15-16

last month

Nothin better than Family, Stay Solid, Stay Humble, Stay Genuine 🤞🏾✊🏾 Jeremih 29 : 11 🙏🏾 @livelifeindy tap in & get yours 💯🏁

Sep 2019

Yellow wasn’t playin no games Lol this one of the coldest animated fighting clips ever 💯🤙🏾 #ArmyOfOne #Animated #AnimatedFighting

Sep 2019

Even tho we Cousins, I promise you it feels more like we’re Brothers 💯✊🏾 #WelcomeHomeCuzzo #FOE #Haenishai #DayOnes

Jun 2019

Happy Day Of Birth to My Queen you would’ve been 44 today and I just wish that I could give you the world right now!! You would really love what your Kids became to be these days, I miss you and I Love You Mama!! #HappyBirthdayMama 🎉👑💙🙏🏾

May 2019

How niggas who ain’t seen any of the MCU movies decide to go See Avengers: Endgame but don’t know why Thor cut thanos head off 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #AvengersEndGame #MCU #Marvel #Boondocks

Jan 2019

This was really the best weekend of the year so far!!! Me & the lil bro @dbriggs32 enjoyed every bit of it... can’t wait for the next trip 🙏🏾🙌🏾✈️ #NXTtakeOverPhoenix #WWERoyalRumble #TripsAll2K19

Jan 2019

Loyalty, Respect against Betrayal and Dishonor, So when a Real Nigga stand it kill that fake shit when you spot it!! #Thankful #Blessed #AllMoneyIn2019 💯🙏🏾🏁👑

Sep 2018

Escondido Reunion for My Nigga Jpa !! Thank you to Everybody that came out yesterday man appreciate you foreal !! #DidoBoyz #WalkWayGang #LongLiveJasper #RipMyNigga !!! 💯🙏🏾👑

Sep 2018

I swear this my favorite video right now 💯😍🔥👑 @ceraadi

Aug 2018

#FamilyOverEverything !!!

Jun 2018

I just wanna start my day by Wishing my favorite Angel A Happy Birthday!! Mama You would be proud of the man I became, We Miss & Love You My Queen!!! Happy 43rd Beautiful !!! 🎉👑👑👑👑 #HappyBirthday

Jun 2018

Ayy Happy 25th Day Of Birth To My Brother @_ttaayyy I Love You Man Hope You Have Ah Good One Tho!! #YoungKing #MyBrothersKeeper 💯🙏

May 2018

Nothin like family man!! #A1SinceDay1 #FamilyOverEverything !!

Mar 2018

Just wanna take this time & wish my Beautiful Granny a Happy 66th Birthday I Love You & Wish You Were Here!!💙👑 And to my youngin Happy Gday Lil Cuzzo @dbriggs32 you that Big Dub now enjoy yo day fam Love You!!💯🏁

Jan 2018

I just wanna take the time to just Thank God for blessin me wit another year on this earth man foreal!!! #27thbirthday #Blessedtobe27 #Thankful #AlbumCoverVibes #VictoryLapCominSoonNigga 💯😂😂

Nov 2017

S Q U A D !

Sep 2017

It ain't Wednesday but yaw know the deal 😍😏💍💙👑 #WCE #DemiLovato #KeyshiaCole #LoloWood

Sep 2017

R.I.P To The Greatest Of All Time!!! 💯🐑🙏🏾✊🏾 #TupacShakur #ShedSoManyTears

Sep 2017

Happy day of birth🎉 to my beautiful lil sister doe, I hope you have a bomb ass day man! I Love You!!!

Jul 2017

I need this on ah shirt asap 😂💯 #SnoopDogg #dazdillinger #ThaDoggPound

Jul 2017

Never Switched Up Still Here Wit Who I Started Wit! 💯🙏🏾✊🏾

Jun 2017

Before This Night Ends I Just Wanna Wish My Queen👑 A Happy 42nd Birthday🎉 I Love & Miss You Mama!!! R.I.P💯🙏🏾💙