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🤱🏻Mommy of Amir, Aya and Hisham 👩🏻‍💻Market Researcher 🧘🏻‍♀️I do yoga 🍃I eat plants 🌟Believe and Watch it Happen 📍 #lebanon #sudan #uae

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2 weeks ago

Back to you 🍃

last month

He was reading the line on daddy’s T-shirt 👽🤣

Oct 2019

@indiejuneco gorgeous kids clothing collection is now at @justkiddinguae ❤️ My baby rocking the print T-shirt 💙

Oct 2019

When Cinderella met Spider-Man ❤️

Oct 2019

I chose a cozy dinner and no make up over getting dressed up for big party... celebrating my 35 birthday, counting my blessings, looking forward to the next milestones 🙏🏼

Oct 2019

A dream come true... ❤️

Sep 2019

Big brother, little brother 💙

Sep 2019

Love and fun 🥰 . . . . . #mygirl #daughter #instamom #moments #fun #water #games #littlesister

Sep 2019

I put them in bed and I go to the bathroom, because finally I can be alone in peace... I take a selfie and thank God a million times that they are in my life. Exhausted as I am... a better person, a better human they made me. God bless my kids and all mommies out there ❤️

Sep 2019

Et voilà! My baby is off to school today.

Aug 2019

I love how she talks and only I can understand 🐣 P.S. can you hear the pump in the background? 🤱🏻

Aug 2019

Cashew nut cheese, lemon, chives, black seeds with a side of veggies pulp crackers... 🍃Heaven🍃 @wildandthemoon

Aug 2019

Chickpeas balila... simple, hearty, comforting, yummy!

Aug 2019

Check out @plantb .tv for the full recipe 🍃

Aug 2019

He saw the moon shadow on the wall and his hair went crazy 😂

Aug 2019

Today we celebrate first day of Eid Al Ad7a and our 6 year anniversary. I will be posting a pic with hubby (and hopefully some make up on 🙌🏼 ). But for now, here is to happy moments and celebrations in PJ’s and football attire at 6am 👼🏼❤️ From the Lutfi’s, we wish you lots of happiness, love and abundance to come your way ✨

Aug 2019

It’s been 6 weeks since baby Hisham’s birth. Life couldn’t be busier with 3 kids under 3 years old... I wonder, how do my days pass? 🤔 feed baby and feed again is he gaining enough weight? Do I have enough milk? is he breathing well? (2am scare ) randomly during the day, I read stories to Amir... making sure I explain the details because in his words ‘mama, next time I want to read it alone’ make sure I am up and ready, showered, teeth brushed by 8am what’s for lunch and dinner? prepare snacks for Aya because when it’s popcorn and juice time, she specifically asks for these and nothing (I mean nothing ) can be offered otherwise baby feed time? Oh no, poopy time... Aya is jealous... hug her many times a day and reassure her that she is loved beyond measures and mommy will always be here for her Amir, can you please stop jumping on the bed... hon, are you hungry? when is it safe to color my hair again? vegan meals... must prepare in advance can I exercise again? I would loooove to tan feed baby again Amir screaming: I don’t like tomatoes! bath time for everyone OMG it’s 10pm? I wonder what normal people are doing now... I am blessed! I love my family ❤️ It’s 1am... feed baby 🤱🏻

Jul 2019

Slayin 😎

Jul 2019

Popcorn.. sleep... popcorn... repeat 😴

Jun 2019

I received few messages asking about vegan food that increases breast milk flow. Here are few ingredients on the list. I will keep posting more ingredients as I try them. For now I can highly recommend RAW ALMONDS (soaked in water to be activated ) and SPINACH (cooked or raw ) 🤱🏻. Happy breastfeeding to all mums out there. Remember you are doing great ✨. . . . . Pic Credit: parents republic

Jun 2019

Hisham Lutfi ❤️ The baby brother ❤️

Jun 2019

We are blessed with you 👼🏼

Jun 2019

Curly hair don’t care... and yes that’s for me me 😂

Jun 2019

Eid break vibes 🌞 Thank you @zoggsusa for the super helpful inflatable swimsuits. The kids loved them and we felt at ease in the pool 💦