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4 weeks ago

Got deleted over and again again for copyright. Not messing with that again ughhhhh ---------------------------------- @maybelline Baby skin instant pore eraser @lorealmakeup infallible pro matte 24hr foundation @thejunoco microfiber velvet sponge @makeuprevolution conceal and define concealer to snatch this under eyes @fentybeauty pro filt'r instant retouch setting powder @covergirl cheekers bendable powder blush 'rose silk' @tartecosmetics be a mermaid & make waves eyeshadow palette @sleekmakeup @sleekmakeupmy Solstice highlighting palette @kkwbeauty lip liner 'nude 1' @toofaced kiss moisture matte long wear lipstick shade 'Disrobed' @fentybeauty gloss bomb universal lip luminizer shade 'Fenty Glow' @mariobadescu facial spray with aloe, herbs and rosewater #shimycatsmua #toofaced #toofacedcosmetics #fentybeauty #sleekmakeup #kkwbeauty #makeuprevolution #flawlessdolls #1minutemakeup #wakeupandmakeup #makeuptutorialx0x #makeupvideos #makeuptutorials

5 weeks ago

Traveling to Kuala Lumpur with my pink hello kitty bag, pink shoes and pink jacket was a moment. Everyone was looking at me differently like i was "putting on a show".Now, i get this "stare" a lot in my life it's not new to me, being me is a risk i know that but i wouldn't want it in any other way. Why can't we just wear what we want, why can't everyone just accept that pink is just a colour, it doesn't define who you are. So me being me, i wore pink outfits everyday while i was in KL, bitch let them stare. What I'm trying to say is, stop staring, mind your own business and i look sickening in pink.

last month

Hi, since @disneychannel @disneymalaysia @disney @waltdisneyworld will never represent people like me to be a 'Disney princess' or any character, today i am my own disney princess representing my community. Entertainment industries should always welcome my community to their platform to educate their audience, as well as spread acceptance. More big companies also should give opportunities to the LGBTQ community because nobody deserves to be left out.I hope that this simple picture and message can help my community.

last month

I just learned about colour correction and gurllll u need this knowledge if you're a poor bitch like me who can't afford canon 7 something or some shit @toofaced glow job peel off radiance boosting glitter face mask and born this way multi-use sculpting concealer @lagirlcosmetics @lagirlmalaysiaofficial pro coverage hd long wear illuminating foundation @katvondbeauty pastel goth eye shadow palette @colourpopcosmetics ultra matte lip shade 'first class' @catrice .cosmetics volumizing lip booster lip gloss '040' @sleekmakeup @sleekmakeupmy solstice highlighting palette @shimycatsmua @flawlesssdolls @1minutemakeup @makeupgalss @makeuptutorialsx0x @malemuas #sleekmakeup #makeupideas #toofaced #toofacedcosmetics #lagirlcosmetics #1minutemakeup #makeupmalaysia #makeuptutorialx0x #shimycatsmua #flawlessdolls #makeupvideos #makeuptutorial #wakeupandmakeup

last month

Make sure to clean your hands from all those handjobs lol do you like my attempt at cLiCkBaIt sksksksks @thejunoco microfiber velvet sponge @lorealmakeup infallible 24hr pro-matte foundation @makeuprevolution @makeuprevolution .my conceal & define concealer @fentybeauty pro filt'r instant retouch setting powder shade 'butter' @maccosmetics mineralize skin finish 'soft & gentle' @jeffreestar @jeffreestarcosmetics Beauty Killer eyeshadow palette @kkwbeauty crème lip liner shade nude 1 with nude crème lipstick nude 1 @benefitcosmetics @benefitmalaysia badgal BANG mascara @mariobadescu facial spray with aloe, herbs and rosewater. #fentybeauty #fentybeautypowder #jeffreestarcosmetics #beautykillereyeshadowpalette #beautykiller #kkwbeauty #kkwlipstick #loreal #benefitcosmetics

last month

Go-to glam 👄 Products used @lorealmakeup infallible promatte 24hr foundation @makeuprevolution @makeuprevolution .my conceal and define concealer @anastasiabeverlyhills @norvina Brow wiz shade 'brunette' @fentybeauty pro filt'r instant retouch setting powder to set everything and gloss bomb universal lip luminizer shade 'fenty glow' @toofaced peach kiss moisture matte long wear lipstick shade 'Disrobed' #toofaced #toofacedcosmetics #makeuprevolution #makeuprevolutionconcealer #fentybeauty #loreal #lorealinfallible #fentybeautypowder #wakeupandmakeup #undiscovered_muas #makeup

last month

I miss being creative with my eye looks, i showed my mom this and she said "it'll be so much prettier if you wear brown eyeshadow" gurl she's so basic that she don't get why there's pink and blue eyeshadow lol i love her. Eyes @jeffreestar @jeffreestarcosmetics Beauty Killer eyeshadow palette For the brows i used all products from @benefitcosmetics @benefitmalaysia benefit brows magical stars kit shade 03 Face @lorealmakeup infallible pro-matte 16hr powder and infallible pro-matte 24hr foundation @maccosmetics mineralize skin finish 'soft and gentle' highlighter Lips @kkwbeauty lip liner 'nude 6' and nude crème lipstick in shade 'nude 1' #undiscovered_muas #jeffreestarcosmetics #benefitcosmetics #benebrows #benefitbrows #shimycatsmua #wakeupandmakeup #kkwbeauty #makeup #malemua

Oct 2019

I'm that bitch who found your dirty little secret, cassandra. Eyes @juviasplace The Zulu eyeshadow palette @catrice .cosmetics kohl kajal white eyeliner @benefitcosmetics @benefitmalaysia badgal bang mascara Face @milanicosmetics Conceal + perfect 2in1 foundation @mariobadescu facial spray with aloe, herbs and rosewater to prep and set makeup @fentybeauty Pro filt'r instant retouch setting powder shade butter @jeffreestarcosmetics skin frost highlighter shade peach goddess @tartecosmetics amazonian clay 12 hour blush shade paaarty and mermaid skin hyaluronic H20 serum to prep skin Lips @jeffreestarcosmetics @jeffreestar Velour liquid lipstick shade soft serve with lip ammunition shade baby spice on top to make it pinkish and little bit of @nyxcosmetics_my @nyxcosmetics butter gloss shade éclair @flawlesssdolls @shimycatsmua @1minutemakeup @malemuas @undiscovered_muas @wakeupandmakeup #wakeupandmakeup #jeffreestarcosmetics #undiscovered_muas #shimycatsmua #1minutemakeup #makeuptutorialx0x #makeupvideos #fentybeauty #nyxcosmetics #milanicosmetics #mariobadescu

Oct 2019

I can't think of any caption except for this bitch I'm getting old ---------------------------- Products used in this video ❤ Eyes ❤ @juviasplace The Zulu eyeshadow palette @jeffreestarcosmetics skin frost highlighter shade Crystal Ball *i used the kkw concealer as a base for the shadows ❤ Face ❤ @maybelline Fit me matte+poreless foundation 130 buff beige @kkwbeauty liqiud concealer shade 1 @beautybakeriemakeup Flour setting powder shade Oat @farsalicare unicorn essence as my primer @realtechniques Miracle complexion sponge to blend my foundation and concealer ❤ Lips ❤ @jeffreestarcosmetics Velour lip scrub "lemon icebox cookies" to scrub my lips and get rid of the crusty dusty busty dead skin, then used Velour liqiud lipstick in shade "Androgyny" the OG #wakeupandmakeup #jeffreestarcosmetics #jeffreestar #realtechniques #farsali #shimycatsmua #undiscovered_muas #kkwbeauty #maybelline #makeup #makeupmalaysia #makeuptutorialx0x #juviasplace

Oct 2019

Permisi, aku hanya wanita biasa 🙃

Oct 2019

Reading these hoes.... ------------------------------ @milanicosmetics conceal + perfect 2in1 foundation @fentybeauty pro filt'r instant retouch setting powder "Butter" @benefitcosmetics @benefitmalaysia brow zings eyebrow shaping kit @jeffreestarcosmetics @jeffreestar lip ammunition "baby spice" + @nyxcosmetics @nyxcosmetics_my butter gloss "èclair" @juviasplace The Zulu eyeshadow palette @catrice .cosmetics @catrice .us liquid liner waterproof @shimycatsmua @flawlesssdolls @undiscovered_muas #jeffreestarcosmetics #fentybeauty #wakeupandmakeup #undiscovered_muas #benebrows #benefitcosmetics #nyxcosmetics #juviasplace #makeup

Sep 2019

Gay @arianagrande

Jul 2019

Pink + blue = i have no idea . . . . . . . . @jeffreestarcosmetics blood sugar eyeshadow palette + @juviasplace the Zulu eyeshadow palette @anastasiabeverlyhills dipbrow pomade 'dark brown' @maybelline superstay matte ink 'loyalist' @undiscovered_muas

Jul 2019

What blue and not very heavy?... Light blue 😅 Products used: @katvondbeauty Pastel Goth eyeshadow palette @lagirlcosmetics pro coverage illuminating foundation @toofaced Born this way concealer @benefitcosmetics @benefitmalaysia BADgal bang! Mascara @colourpopcosmetics ultra matter lip shade "mama" with @catrice .cosmetics volumizing lip booster @rimmellondonus @rimmellondonmy Brow this way brow sculpting kit @wakeupandmakeup @shimycatsmua @undiscovered_muas

Jul 2019

Life is like a box of... Pink stuff 💕 What's on my face? @rimmellondonus @rimmellondonmy brow this way eyebrow kit @lorealmakeup infallible 24hr fresh wear foundation @jeffreestar @jeffreestarcosmetics Blood Sugar eyeshadow palette on the eyes and the boxes @sleekmakeup solstice highlighting palette @catrice .cosmetics kohl kajal white pencil liner

May 2019

The only picture where I'm not looking at myself on the screen tsk3

Apr 2019

In paradise 💚

Jan 2019

Not really proud of the eyeshadow part but that's okay we live and we learn. @juviasplace the zulu eyeshadow palette @makeuprevolution Freedom brow pomade @jeffreestarcosmetics Velour liquid lipstick shade 'ANDROGYNY' @catrice .cosmetics Kohl kajal white eyeliner #undiscovered_muas #jeffreestarcosmetics #makeuprevolution #juviasplace #malemua

Jan 2019

Another boring ass basic pink half cut crease makeup look @jeffreestar @jeffreestarcosmetics Blood sugar eyeshadow palette @catrice .cosmetics HD liquid coverage foundation @narsissist soft matte complete concealer @beautybakeriemakeup flour setting powder 'translucent' @ctilburymakeup skin perfecting micro-powder '2medium' @thejunoco microfiber fusion sponge @kkwbeauty lip liner 'NUDE 1' & nude creme lipstick 'NUDE 1' #jeffreestarcosmetics #beautybakeriemakeup #undiscovered_muas #1minutemakeup #hypnaughtymakeup #wakeupandmakeup

Jan 2019

My happy place always involves makeup 💄 @rimmellondonmy brow this way brow sculpting kit @catrice .cosmetics HD liquid coverage @narsissist Soft matte complete concealer @jeffreestar @jeffreestarcosmetics Blood sugar eyeshadow palette @kkwbeauty lip liner in nude 1 and lipstick in nude 1 with @fentybeauty Gloss bomb 'fenty glow'on top #fentybeauty #jeffreestarcosmetics #undiscovered_muas #kkwbeauty #rimmellondon

Dec 2018

The face that people used to mock and hate during high school every single day, talk about thick skin.

Oct 2018

Drew some freckles and i loved it

Oct 2018

@pepsi Sponsor me cinggg

Oct 2018

Warm tone cut crease always looks good on everybody ---------------------- @morphebrushes 35O nature glow palette @anastasiabeverlyhills @norvina Dipbrow pomade 'dark brown' @jouercosmetics Essential high coverage foundation @colourpopcosmetics Ultra matte lip 'clueless' with @fentybeauty gloss bomb universal gloss on top @undiscovered_muas @shimycatsmua @malemuas #norvina #morphebabe #fentybeauty #anastasiabeverlyhills #undiscovered_muas