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3 weeks ago

e-girl ting

Nov 2019

2 nights of 2 much fun

Jul 2019

you can look but you can't touch it's too late for me @xxsourcecodaxx

Jul 2019

this is probably the most b🅰️sic photo ever. help me @xxsourcecodaxx this disease is taking over my brain now 💍

Jul 2019

yoink i'm 15 ok bye

Jun 2019

i love you, i love you, i love you. hz 6 was the best year ever. thank you. you all mean the world to me lol sorry if i didn't tag u (u still mean the world to me! u know who u guys are! )

Apr 2019

act five here we go!

Apr 2019

much love for our floor hockey team 🥳 thanks for a great act and great party on sat! 💕

Feb 2019

burnt ⚠️🔆

Sep 2018

ugh 2 weeks what fun 💥🧚🏼‍♂️🤤

Jul 2018

find me a better duo. i’ll wait.

Jul 2018

shiiiit beaaachhhh

Jun 2018

thank you all so much for one of the best years ever. i cannot begin to explain how lucky i feel to be in a year group of such amazing people. i’ve grown so close to so many people that i never thought i would and i’m so happy. to 9R2: i couldn’t ask for a better advisory :, ) ever since year 7 we had stayed in one group, with everyone coming and going from each advisory but only us being the same!!! you guys are the best and i’m so lucky for you guys : ) ) to 9.5: every day was so cool with you guys : ) each and every one of you are so smart and kind and we will alway beat 9.1 with vocab words ; ) ( @9 .1 we’re still counting hehehe ) to the people who are leaving: i wish you all the best and that you guys will visit us soon!!! people who i couldn’t tag: @isabelle .hui @_airla_ @a .mberliao @catlinmurfy @aidankeough @freddiefawcett @ga6r1el @llachine @pineduck @chihrongkuo @allygator_44 💖💖💖

May 2018

thank you guys for making cep the best i could have asked for!!! -yes i know i’m 2 weeks late i was waiting for a picture and it’s not there oh well-

Apr 2018

i'm sorry hk. but i love japan. bye. afahsgahgag my ass hurts from only SLEdgInG and i'm going SnOWboArdING. pls wish me luck i rly need it or i'll come back with a fractured ass.

Feb 2018

❌🥀🔪♨️💮 valentine's day isn't here yet ~ you still have a chance kekeKEekkeaKREKEEKK lol i laughed so damn hard at the last one had so much fun @haley_moss5218

Nov 2017

happy birthday airla!!! 💖💖🌈

Nov 2017

bet yall thought this post was gonna be about the fair. yall thought wrong. feast your eyes on this gorgeous angel 🌈

Oct 2017

Sep 2017

having hair is hard 🌪

Sep 2017

lamma was great kids

Aug 2017

haley said i had dragon eyes, i guess i can sort of agree 🐲🐉

Aug 2017

wooooo today was grEAt 🙈🙈☀️

Jul 2017

WHEEE YOURE A TEEEEEEEEEEN !! happy 13th birthday to the sweetest, kindest, most loving human ever!! 🎉🎉🎁 can't wait to come back and see you!!! ❣️💕💕