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3 days ago

‪had so much fun with @trishapaytas on her podcast! it’s up now if you want to listen: ) )‬

Nov 2019

i can’t believe today is finally the day! the entire conspiracy collection is available in less than an hour!! so incredibly proud of Shane, Jeffree, Andrew and all involved in this crazy year long journey! I’m a lipstick as you can clearly tell I took 500 photos of me wearing it👄👄❤️

Oct 2019

i think he loves me!

Aug 2019

happy birthday sister!! hope it’s the best ever🎂🍰! this photo’s from the day we picked up Morgan’s cat Cookie!

Aug 2019

hot girl summer?

Jun 2019

we lived as the Kardashian-Jenner’s for a day on Morgan’s channel and I truly believe I’ve found my calling... I know I look more like Jane Fonda but LET ME LIVE.

Jun 2019

Drudnk I and in love

Jun 2019

I enjoy lemons so I took some photos with one of my favorite lemons

May 2019

had a crazy day in new york today, still can’t believe I won the award! feeling grateful❤️

Apr 2019

in yesterday’s video I let the dogs pick my outfits inside of Macy’s. this farmer mom getup was my favorite🌾

Apr 2019

morgan threw her own Coachella in our backyard and it was kind of insane! the video’s on her channel featuring a performance from pop icon @rickydillon

Mar 2019

Preparing for a big launch 🚀💎 #blueblood tomorrow 10am pst

Mar 2019

thank you guys for supporting me in all aspects of my life, thank you Andrew for always having my back and thank you Shane for not only encouraging me to start a channel in the first place but for believing in me and loving me always. the last photo is to subtly show off my ring. love you guys! also thanks to Morgan because she’s a huge part of the growth of my channel. Thank you guys for 4 million😭😭❤️

Mar 2019

we’re engaged!! I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you❤️ I’ve never been happier in my whole entire life!!

Mar 2019

3 years today with my best friend. I can’t believe how our lives have changed, I’m grateful for every second of it! I love you more everyday❤️

Mar 2019

breakfast with grandma🤗

Mar 2019

i guess my boyfriend’s a guru now 💄by @shanedawson

Feb 2019

enjoying my new life as a Bratz💋

Feb 2019

Feb 2019


Feb 2019

we left the house!

Feb 2019

if you haven’t seen yesterday’s video I redid our tiny panic room under the stairs!! I spent too much time making the space cozy but I like the results!

Jan 2019


Jan 2019

i love my new life as jeffree’s assistant