@princesstoyia Toyia👑💄🎨💳👠👜

Im Cookie and Reeseys mommy. They are my life. I'm not perfect, Im perfectly flawed. #MAKEUPLOVER #MAKEUPADDICT #TEAMCANCER #TEAMEAGLES #EAGLESNATION

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Aug 2019


Jun 2019

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEE!!! #birthdaygirl 👑 Now be nice and wish me a Happy Birthday 💖💞💅💃💎 #itsmybirthday

Apr 2019

Its been awhile. Heyyyy 💖😘

Jan 2019

Hi Loves, I hope your New Year is starting off blessed💜💜 swipe if you like.

Nov 2018

Happy Sunday!!! 😘

Nov 2018

HAPPY THANKSGIVING from me and my baby boy!! We hope yours is blessed and beautiful❤💖❤💖

Oct 2018

Its been almost a year since you were taken away from us. We miss you so much baby brother💙💙😇😇

Sep 2018


Sep 2018

The mean one❤. He barely let me take the picture. My baby boy. Have a good first day. I'm still wondering how he ended up with blonde hair, but he is mine💙 #mysixthgrader #Mylove

Sep 2018

Have a great first day of school my mini princess. Mommy loves you more than anything. #my9thgrader #abingtonjrhigh #mydaughter #mylove

Aug 2018

I WANT TO GIVE A HUGE BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT TO MY VERY BEST FRIEND COOKIE. You are my rock, my ride or die, my p.i.c, but most of all my best friend. Thank you for always being there for me. I'm so blessed to have you, and I love you so very much. I could go on and on, but what's already known doesn't need to be explained. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BESTIE!!! Turn up and turn out. 🎂🎉🎊🎈❤ @goldengurl_2u

Jul 2018

HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13TH!!! When the good girls can be a little bad! 😇😉👑👑

Jul 2018

My handsome Prince Reesey (Maureese ) The one man who never fails me, excepts all my flaws, and shows me unconditional love. Half of my world.He took over the whole picture😥😍👑 #motherandson #mybabyboy #oneofthereasonsformynextbreath #himandhissisteraremyeverything

Jun 2018

BIRTHDAY shenanigans!!!! I wanted to thank everyone for wishing me HAPPY BIRTHDAY via Ig, fb, text, phone call. THE LOVE was real. Im so blessed to see another year!! Let the real party begin this weekend. Love you all👑💄👠💅😘😘😘😘 (yeah I know I could have cropped the pictures but who cares😉😂 ) fyi:I'm still accepting gifts, anything is appreciated😂

Jun 2018

Oh Yess it's here, MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEE!!! Now be nice and give me some Birthday love❤😘💅👠💄👑👑👑

Jun 2018

At the Carnival with my favorite guy. Half of my world. My Reesey❤❤❤🎠🎡🎪🎢🍟🍔🍕

Jun 2018

Hey Ig fam.I hope your day is blessed and beautiful. 😘😘😘 (Thanks for the photo bomb @rakhiyahh )

May 2018

The candlightlight service and ballon send off for Torreys celebration of life. #riptorrey

May 2018

Friends with this handsome "gentleman" for over 20 years. It was nice to see the love and support to say goodbye to someone who is already missed so much. R.I.P. Torrey @hardknox215

May 2018

Saying goodbye was hard but the love that was shown by family and friends was amazing. Rest in peace Torrey. You are missed so much already and we love you so very much. #celebratingtorreyslife

Apr 2018

The other day. Dress shopping or shopping with a teenager in general is hard. 😤😤. But we had fun together and she had a good time at the dance (I was taking selfies while she was in the dressing room😂 ) Happy Sunday IG FAM 😘😘

Apr 2018

Im trying not to cry as my baby girl goes on her first dance. She looked so beautiful. I love her sooo much. ❤❤. Have fun mommy's mini me @rakhiyahh #8thgrade

Apr 2018

Its beautiful outside. The sun rays are shining down on me🌟🌟 Oh hello Ig fam. 😘😂