Sohana Tamami 💋 (@sohanananana) last month

Hello baby boy. This past month I've been frequently thinking about the day you are gonna leave, not because I want you to leave soon, but because of how sorrowful this day could be. The worst part is that it's not just for one day. We'll have to live the next years feeling your absence. That continuous realization that you won't be in the hangouts anymore. You won't be here helping out with your best friend's birthday. You are going to be so far away. This sadness comes from the amount of affection we got towards you. It's going to feel so empty without having you around. When you packed your luggages you didn't just carry clothes with you. You carried all the happiness that you got from your families in here. All these memories are only meant to bring you smiles on your face and hope that we'll meet again. Thank you Jeff. Thank you for all the memories you have given to all of us. You deserve all the success in life. Just don't get lost on the roads and don't feel helpless when you are alone. When you feel homesick you know we're just a knock away from you. You have your special place which can never be replaced. Just don't change completely when you grow up to be a cool son. Your momma loves you and misses you so much. ❤