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last month

This was really a dream come true for me, to be able to celebrate Christmas in Bethlehem. I couldn't have imagined that I would actually be able to do it. But despite the freezing cold and the crowds and the really long walks, it was all worth it. Christmas in Bethlehem is really beautiful. Hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas as well 💜💜

last month

*Please insert @peterpathikrit singing a hymn about Jerusalem* Jerusalem is truly such a beautiful city, it never ceases to amaze me every time I go to visit it

last month

From the wishing bridge to Andromeda's rock to the house of Simon the Tanner and of course, our dear friend Ramses' Gate, we really walked a lot. But it was worth it 💜

Nov 2019

"...I hear the ocean from far away, Across the dream, over the horizon.." Euphoria- BTS (I had to do it, please don't blame me )

Oct 2019

These streets remind me of Goa for some reason

May 2019

For me, Stephen's is not the iconic building that is featured on the college website, but it is this, the first thing I see when I enter college and now the last. I don't know how quickly time flew and before I knew it, I have graduated. I am so overwhelmed right now but all I can say is Stephen's gave me exactly what I needed, when I needed it. I am beyond grateful to all the people and the places who have made me who I am today. And to all the friends that I made along the way, dare you forget me. Loved every but, even the disgusting mess food. Signing off, Petunia Fernandes III BA (H ) History Ad Dei Gloriam (I just had to use this )

May 2019

My heart 💜 Please look at @uday_gs at the back though 😂 Even though I literally have just one week left in college, Uday's meme faces will never fail to make me laugh

Apr 2019

Graduation Dinner spam #2 With all these precious people in my college life and please ignore my kulfi eating face

Apr 2019

Graduation Dinner spam #1 P.S. this is now my official farewell saree now, the last time I wore it was for my class 12th Farewell. I am missing college already

Apr 2019

This is the last, I promise. Batch of 2019 signing off. Ad Dei Gloriam

Apr 2019

Convocation spam no. 3

Apr 2019

Convocation spam no. 2

Apr 2019

So this day finally arrived and I really don't know what to feel. Convocation spam no. 1

Mar 2019

This is perhaps one of the most precious memories that I made in college. Thank you so much Japanese Society for making my college life more wholesome 💜🌸 @jpsoc_ssc #matsurijsoc

Mar 2019

These few days were fun with you all! I will never forget how you made me pose for pictures, making me feel like a tourist in my own hometown

Mar 2019

Last Unicolour done right 💜🌸

Mar 2019

Had a wonderful time with these lovely people. 💜🌸 Will really miss them. Its a pity that we couldn't spend more time with each other, would have really loved to hang out more

Mar 2019

More prom spamming, this is the last, I promise.

Mar 2019

Last prom with the people without whom I wouldn't have survived college 💜🌸

Feb 2019

Fam ft. Invisible @c_crofton who did not come because she changed into her pyjamas

Feb 2019

What a beautiful Evensong this was. This really was such a wonderful opportunity to praise the Lord and sing with such angelic voices.

Feb 2019

I was debating whether to upload these pictures as a post or as stories but here goes. I can't even begin to say how much these 7 men mean to me. They have really taught me how to love myself when I needed it the most. Thank you so much BTS, you mean the world to me!!! 💜💜 And thanks so much @rishikaaradhya @naeireum_amy and @snehalmorris7 for coming and for making these memories with me!! @bts .bighitofficial #BTS #Bangtan #방탄소년단 #LoveYourself #LoveYourselfInSeoul

Feb 2019

The blazer gang

Jan 2019

Couldn't have asked for a much better company than these to spend my 21st with. Only missing my family, and my "besties for life" @akshita__bh and @_kritigya_ and @_at_the_still_end_ and @elu .belu. Thanks for all the memories and friendships that I will cherish forever 💜💜