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2 weeks ago

a bond like no other dt: tagged ac: me ib: yatoiki cc: yatoiki (edited ) *AUDIO TRIGGER WARNING* HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! this episode was definitely one of my favourites but i also love the explosion parts with the twixtor😳👏 • • • anime: fairy tail song: mt. eden - sierra leone (araabmuzik remix )

4 weeks ago

s o u l m a t e s dt: tagged ac: sangsteraudios ib: planetearium cc: missamvz (edited ) art credits: @ikimaru .jpg @catneylang @tay .noelle24 @_kiilea @steffanarts happy holidays everyone! @instagram fix video quality ffs • • • cartoon: voltron song: night bus - gabrielle alpin

last month

dreamworks👏did👏them👏dirty👏 dt: tagged ac: me ib: drvqneel cc: missamvz i haven’t edited lotura since season 5 but fun fact i shipped them before season 5 even came out🤡 this sucks bye • • • cartoon: voltron song: so far away - mary lambert

last month

he’s the best porn star. dt: tagged ac: tzurai_moved + my voiceovers cc: missamvz i love angel dust so much like mia khalifa who? we don’t know her. • • • cartoon: hazbin hotel song:

last month

scorpia the loml >>>> catra dt: tagged ac: me cc: missamvz scorpia is my best girl and nobody can change my mind even though this edit doesn’t do her justice cuz it’s simple af i was testing smooth settings • • • cartoon: she-ra and the princesses of power song: why - bazzi

Nov 2019

too bad he busts open ass instead dt: tagged ac: jukii_amv ib: koiisuru cc: missamvz anyone would submit to him don’t lie to yourself ; ) aLSO INSTAGRAM FIX YOUR SHIT YOU MADE MY EDIT OFF SYNC • • • manhwa: bj alex song: bust it open - lil’ wil

Nov 2019

pussi power dt: tagged ac/ib: koleaudios cc: yatoiki my entry for the #quisnaccfalltournament against @drvqneel : ) im gonna lose lets just pretend you can see my watermark in the 5th clip okay? • • • anime: fairy tail song: beg for it - iggy azalea

Oct 2019

i choose you. dt: tagged ac: me ib: sunekoi cc: mine art credits: @mudblood428 this is my first post on this account! it’d be very appreciated if you could share and spread some love to this edit🥰 • • • book: carry on - rainbow rowell song: right now - one direction