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2 weeks ago

Happy birthday, Annie. I truly can’t believe you are 15 today. Watching you grow into the young woman you are becoming is such a gift. May all your dreams, big or small, continue to come true. I love you forever ❤️

2 weeks ago

A little throwback I thought was fitting since Annie’s wearing a @youtube shirt. Just wanted to say how thankful we are for each and every one of you. I typed and deleted a few different messages but can’t seem to get it right today. So I’ll stick with thank you ❤️

4 weeks ago

#ad Technology has come a long way! Does anyone remember what a landline is? No?!!! Well Hayley is about to find out bc WE’RE TAKING HER CELL PHONE AWAY! There are so many things in our lives that have been transformed thanks to technological advancements and one of them is Hayley’s teeth all thanks to her @invisalign clear aligners! Invisalign is backed by over 20 years of research and innovation. Plus, there are over 7 million people around the world who have had their smile transformed by Invisalign aligners. By choosing Invisalign clear aligners for Hayley, we knew we were choosing a product and brand that is trusted and has proven results. #invisalignsmile #invisalign

Oct 2019

#ad We're really excited to announce our partnership with @Invisalign ® clear aligners to take Hayley's smile from this 😬 to this 😁! When it came to transforming her smile, we knew the most advanced clear aligner system in the world could get the job done. She's only been using them for a few weeks and we've already noticed a difference with her smile! She can take them in and out whenever she needs to and they're super convenient whether we're filming on set or at home! #invisalignsmile #invisalign

Oct 2019

Proud is an understatement. Link in my bio to listen to Utopia and music video Friday. Pic by @dawnkingston

Oct 2019

I’ll never move on. Only forward. I’ll never leave you behind. Only carry you with me. 💜 My sister and I both agree that though it may get “easier” day to day, the more years that pass the harder this time of year gets. Maybe its because it seems like a lifetime ago that I saw his sweet smile or heard his infectious laugh or felt his warm hug. And the awareness that I’m somewhat forgetting exactly what it felt like to see his smile or hear his laugh or squeeze his neck except in what seems like distant memories.

Sep 2019

Sep 2019

Happy birthday, Hayley! I’m so lucky to be your mom. Keep shining and keep being that one of a kind spunky little girl that everyone adores. I love you! Here are some of my favorite pictures over the years in no particular order.

Aug 2019

This may be the only “normal” picture I got

Jul 2019

Annie & Hayley Make 💯 Water Balloons w/ @itskatiedonnelly !

Jul 2019

9 years ago today

Jul 2019

Never forgotten. Not even for a second. Happy birthday. I miss you.

Jun 2019

Proud of the these girls for their performance last week 🤘 Thank you again to everyone who came out!

May 2019

Day 💕 Ones

May 2019

Did you see the final episode of “Annie v. Hayley”? 🧡 Link in bio. #Nickelodeon

May 2019

It’s always a perfect day to give someone you love a hug 💞

May 2019

Many of you may know that this is one of my favorite moments captured in a vlog. In fact, I think I’m gonna go watch it right now. Happy 16th birthday, David! You are not forgotten. #itsmewholovesyouhayley

May 2019

New Annie v. Hayley episode out now! 🧡 Link in bio.

May 2019

Who’s ready for the weekend? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

Apr 2019

What did you think of the latest Annie v. Hayley episode? 😂 Link in bio.

Apr 2019

Always laugh when you can 😁

Apr 2019

Who’s ready for “Annie vs. Hayley”? 🤣 #Nickelodeon 🧡

Apr 2019

O V E R // I T link in bio

Apr 2019

Walkin’ down the Old Town Road...