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. Oh sheet whats that, who’s she ( •́ .̫ •̀ ) Look im posting woah lel. Im not active im sorry ╥﹏╥ Alright bai. - Tagged randoms

last month


last month

. Haven’t posted in forever and hella people wanted me to so tada. Now see you ina nother month.

Oct 2019

. So i got a third new hamster cuz luna passed away and i named him gus hes such a small boy (♡´❍`♡ ) i swear hes the cutest lil thing. Enjoy me looking like trash as always.

Oct 2019

. “Maybe i didnt love you, maybe i loved who i thought you were. You arent who i thought you were.” - Have two youtube videos up i bet most of u havent seen so ill link my YouTube channel in my bio go watch em please ❤️

Oct 2019

. “If I relaxed my body now, Id fall apart. Ive always lived like this, and its the only way i know how to go on living. If i relaxed for a second, id never find my way back. Id go to pieces, the pieces would blow away. Why cant you see that?”

Sep 2019

. So i did a thing and got a haircut rip longer bangs. If you dont like it... heh theres an unfollow button. P.s. thats just hair dye my eye is fine.

Aug 2019

. I always start cleaning out my pictures on my phone and wanting to actually organize them but then i get lazy and somehow i have 200 more pictures than before and im just like.. great. Also my senior year starts Tuesday and like im not like “awh man school sucks” im actually looking forward to it however i just cant believe this is my last year of school school like im going to a college but like bro senior year im so like mind blown. Im gonna be 18 a whole adult, wheres my childhood gone..? Life update over.

Aug 2019

. “When you see this txt me” “I miss you”

Aug 2019

. My friends: were best friends! - My brain: no youre not they are lying to you... - Me: why do you hate me?

Jul 2019

. Stop playin with me 🥰 just tell me you like me, thats all i wanna hear 💕

Jul 2019

. Sad edgy gurl hours 🖤🤙🏻

Jul 2019

. If you want me tell me 😤 New video on YouTube, link in bio!

Jul 2019

. Im back! ❤️ ill be active on both accounts so follow my back up @officiallozerr

Jul 2019

. Ive discovered i dont mind myself, never will i be perfect because perfection is impossible.. but im me and i cant change that. Might not always like myself, definitely dont love myself, but i can get used to myself 🤙🏻 also idc if nobody else likes me, thats your problem not mine 🤷🏼‍♀️ P.s. im starting a youtube channel, very soon. Just wait for that 😎

May 2019

. One more chance to give and that's all I have All I have left in my heart I've been through enough to know When you're sad and we're far apart - What would you do if i died today?

May 2019

. "I hate it I hate the way you're always right, I hate it when you lie I hate it when you make me laugh, even worse when you make me cry I hate it when you're not around and the fact that you didn't call But mostly I hate the way I don't hate you, not even close, not even a little bit Not even at all"

Apr 2019

. Everyone in your life is going to look at you and want to see something, don’t take their disappointment into count when you’re being yourself.

Mar 2019

. Sometimes the pictures i find on the internet can say more than i ever could.

Mar 2019

. “I would give you the world bbg, you just gotta be worth it, you aint gotta be perfect.” ~ Taggen

Feb 2019

. "Do you like ramen noodles?" "Cuz ima be ramen my noodle in you tonight" *wink* // ik this isnt a pic of me but i havent taken many selfies so... Rip. ~ Taggen ♡