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Nov 2019

However far away I will always love you However long I stay I will always love you Whatever words I say I will always love you I will always love you #TheCure #Lovesong

Oct 2019

and i... hope you like me too the same way that i do. and time... never felt so good when i was with you #LosRetros #Friends

Oct 2019

You look so pretty and i love this view We fell in love in October That's why i love fall Looking at the stars Admiring from a far #WeFellInLiveInOctober #GirlInRed #MarieUlven

Oct 2019

I don’t care if it’s a nightmare, baby I don’t care if it’s a daydream, honey As long as your mind is flooded with thoughts of me I want it to last a life time, darling I want you to never stop thinking About me #DreamOfMe #AbbeyGlover

Sep 2019

If you think you can be my one and only true love You must promise to love me 🥀 #MelanieMartinez #HighschoolSweethearts

Sep 2019

🌻 and ill admit that i sometimes, maybe, might, think about you at night, well, almost every night. no matter how i try to hide and erase you from my mind, im dying...to find a lookalike 🥀 #ConanGray #LookALike