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1 hour ago

West heard me record this and said, “Let me try those.” After a bite he reported, “Wow! These ARE crunchy.”

20 hours ago

Scary baby trump in the sky.

4 days ago

Bob Garfield has been one of my idols since high school. I’ve had my nose in his new book, “American Manifesto”, all day. If you’re interested in being a better person, read it! bit.ly/American_ManifestoMC

4 days ago

I hate to say it, but our youngest generation is flushing real opportunities down the toilet for the sake of “education.”

5 days ago

Nice work! The charms you bought from @shopstands made it possible for @RandomActsOrg to purchase a second bus for the FHS in Nicaragua! Thanks. (Charms are still available if you want to chip in. We’ll be using the proceeds to help pay for gas & any repairs. ) shopstands.com

5 days ago

Looks like @jaredpadalecki and @jensenackles bribed #SXSW organizers to put a #Supernatural panel on the schedule. Jeez. Those two will do anything to get me to visit Austin. sxsw.com/news/2020/laurene-powell-jobs-stephen-colbert-jack-dorsey-more-join-sxsw-2020/

1 weeks ago

A cold snap is coming through the Pacific NW, so we loaded up the minivan and dropped off sleeping bags at the drop-in center today.

2 weeks ago

A year ago, I made this knife from a railroad spike. This morning, Maison threatened to chop my computer into little pieces with it. But the joke's on her, because it’s barely sharp enough to cut a tangerine.

2 weeks ago

Something exciting for the young people.

2 weeks ago

Endings are hard. #SPN15

2 weeks ago

Text me “NSFW” & I’ll text you a behind-the-scenes video of our first week back on set after the new year. I’d post it here, but I think violates Instagram’s Terms of Service. ‪(323 ) 405-9939‬ (Text me right now & I’ll send it to you within the hour. ) LINK IN PROFILE

2 weeks ago

Only 60 days of filming left after 15 years and SOMEONE is having a hard time keeping it together.

3 weeks ago

An on-point ladybug landing. Good omen for 2020.

3 weeks ago

Last sunset of the decade. I hope the 2020s are full of love and light for you. Happy New Year!🎈

3 weeks ago

A pickup truck with two dogs in the back pulled into a mini-mall parking lot and Maison said, “Those dogs are probably coming for a massage.”

4 weeks ago

I put candy canes and @greenmachinecatering hot sauce in everyone’s stockings...

4 weeks ago

I hate seeing children used as corporate stooges like this.

4 weeks ago

Happy Hanukkah!

4 weeks ago

Good tidings to you & yours. #MerryChristmasEve

4 weeks ago

Been stuck on the couch for 12 hours. This is what happens with intense boredom...

4 weeks ago

A perk of airport wheelchair service is the butts’-eye-view you get of your fellow travelers. No-one ever talked about that.

4 weeks ago

This is your very last chance to get a copy in time for the holidays! The first printing sold out, but the second printing has arrived in bookstores and online is stocked! bit.ly/AEClub_AZ LINK IN PROFILE (All profits go to charity! )

last month

I wore out my hips running too much with a condition called “dysplasia,” which is actually not as sexy as it sounds. Today I went in to get a titanium hip replacement from Dr. Berger in Chicago... Thank you to this team and to everyone who has made a career of bringing health to others. Can’t wait to play kickball with my kids again!

last month

When I’m traveling, I just text everyone I know in town to meet up. I texted these guys to come meet me this afternoon at the Art Institute of Chicago. Text me if you want me to let you know when I’m in your hometown: (323 ) 405-9939