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Football 11th grade 16 years old Luv life 🤞😍😘♥️💋💍Bae/Emily💍💋♥️😘😍🤞

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Sometimes i feel as if im not good enough of a friend or not good enough of a son and sometimes i feel as if im not wanted around or as if im pushed away and have no where to go except for myself and sometimes i feel as if i shouldnt be around anyone and i keep myself distant from family and friends for a reason i stay up in my dark room and think to myself maybe there is no point in having social media or a social life anymore i feel as if being lonely is the right thing to be just me my life and my relationship with emily is probably all i need and i know that i can make my way through this and i know life isnt always perfect and no ones always 100 percent happy and if u think like i do u should know there is no way anyone can love something 100 percent until u start loving urself that much there is no possible way to care for urself 100 percent and there is no way u can have a 100 percent positive mind set no i none of this goes towards emily and my relationship this is just me saying that i may seem happy and shit but im really not that happy i mean dont get me wrong but the only thing im seriously happy and in love with is me and emilys relationship cause shes the only person ive seen notice my depression and help me through it and i have gone to other people to talk about it but all i get is "oh ur fine" or "ur just going thru a faze as a young teen" but i know im not i know how im feeling and tryst me this isnt a faze this isnt a game this is stress anxiety and everything playing mind games with me this is my negative thoughts playing tricks with my brain and saying im not good enough and thats y i feel like im not and the only place i can seem to go to is my happy place alone in my room thinking to myself or to the one person who listens to me and thats @emmym_tallard my gf and she helps alot and thats y im happy to be with her cause she loves and cares and shows thats shes actually here for me and i love her and care for her and im always here for her

2 weeks ago

She's my world and i love her to death she's amazing she's perfect she's beautiful and she's smart I would do anything to stay with her for the rest of my life I would give up anything to keep her in my life forever and I mean it she's perfect she's always here for me and I'm always here when she needs me ur my world Emily Tallard @emmym_tallard I'll do anything to keep u in my life forever ur my boo ur my baby and ur my life I love u Emily and forever will🤞❤️🤞

2 weeks ago

I love u @emmym_tallard

3 weeks ago

Here we go with another day of not seeing each other and another day full of sadness and depression it's really kicking my ass we don't get to see each other much this will be week number three with only calling and texting I'm sorry i have separation anxiety I'm sorry I can't control it and it's hard to keep calm without crying I was happy to here that we can most likely see each other this weekend until u gave me the final answer and now I'm down and feel alone idk how u put up with me I'm an ass hole cause every single time u say it's a no about hanging out for the littlest but of time we can hang out for i get pissed off or I get depressed I sometimes say to myself maybe she has had enough but won't say anything or maybe I'm not good enough I try my hardest to be perfect I'm actually glad that I found someone who wants me to be no one else except for myself but now that she's seeing me/mark I'm getting on her nerves maybe I'm really not the person that she is looking for and I think maybe I should try harder but when I do I make the wrong move and I make the wrong decision maybe I'm not made to be in a relationship but I hold on cause I love her babe I love u and i hope u read this cause as I'm writing it I'm crying I'm feeling down I'm feeling like I'm not me and it hurts to feel like this it hurts to feel like a bitch and it hurts to be in the position I'm in I just thought that this would turn out a shit tone better but I keep doing shit wrong 😔😔😔☠️☠️☠️😭😭😭

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What looks better curly or straight don't lie lemme know in the comments below

4 weeks ago

Hair may look ok goofy to y'all's by I'm liking it no cap

5 weeks ago

I love u baby girl

last month

I already miss football season miss my Bros to

last month

I'm feel so happy now that I have u in my life u make me feel so confident and u treat me the greatest and ur so amazing I love baby and want to be with u forever ur my world ur my everything @emmym_tallard I love u

Mar 2019

Hacked love u~Xiena❤

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Jan 2017