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last month

2 years later. He’s not a puppy anymore. And my beard is a little thicker (still can’t grow one ). And Kristin looks as beautiful as ever. They did this to me the other day so I pulled out my phone and filmed it and I was instantly teleported to the first time they did the double kiss. We are a happy family 😄❤️. And things are only getting better. @kristinjohns @camperandhoney

last month

last month

Today Kristin said, “Actually say something nice about me in this photo” as she air dropped me this picture. I think what she meant was, “I miss those long captions you used to write” (and since Kristin is 80 percent of my pictures, she misses the captions about her ). So I’ll write one. You’ve been getting jacked dude. Everyone zoom into her calves. Like dang. It’s only been three months and you have completely transformed. V proud of you tiny. However, you need to relax. I say this because sometimes she has been feeling herself too much lately and will try to wrestle me because she thinks she can take me now. But it’s funny because even though you have DOUBLED your strength, - which again great job, proud of you - You are only 5 percent of my strength. Now 10 I guess. But it’s not even close. So stop trying to wrestle me. Because it’s not going to happen. You will never beat me. Then I looked over at her and smiled, thinking about how this was very funny to me just before I hit post and then she said: “Are you embarrassing me?” I said “Yes” as usual to get a reaction out of her and then she said “Why????” I laughed and then she said, “Marcus, don’t talk about me in a mean way!?” Then I laughed some more because I like getting under her skin. And as I’m writing this I can’t control my laughter because she thinks I am writing this huge long thing about something really embarrassing. But it really isn’t at all. Ultimate take away is, I love this girl and she makes me laugh like no one else. And she has been working really hard and the results are showing. Just don’t try and wrestle me. That’s all. Love you tiny.

last month

I just built 8 of these gas bikes and raced them with friends through the mountains. It was a lot of work but so much fun! The video is up in my bio! It’s a worth while watch.

Oct 2019

Dressing nice for a change. With my tiny. 😊

Sep 2019

My tiny. 🎡

Sep 2019

The reason Kristin looks so happy is because I had to say YES to her for 24 hours. So for all the times I have talked about what happened behind the photo on insta, you can actually go see on my YouTube channel rn. Link in the description. ❤️💋

Aug 2019

Going to a wedding today and reminds me of ours 🙈. Love you tiny. My bride forever. Kids next!! Excited for it 😆

Jul 2019

As you all know, I’m a naturally energetic person. 🤪 #sponsored But on days where I need a little extra peppy in my steppy, I love having a V8 +Energy by @v8juice for that steady boost of energy! If you need me, I’ll be here jumping for joy for the rest of the summer 🎉👏🏼🤗 #PowerThePositiveYou #V8EnergyTour

Jul 2019

Happy birthday Tiny. You are hot. So hot. Like. Yeahhhh babbbyyy. HOT. Like, you are pretty cool. And your personality is cool. But man. You are Hot. Hotty tot tot with a cherry on top. Sizzlin hot. To hot to handle. Sometimes I get burnt because you are too hot to handle. Dare I say, ssss...sssee... ssssee——verely hot. And tonight....You will also be hot. Because we are in Florida. And it’s hot. Like you. Love you. Happy birthday. Proud of you. Hot. You hot.

Jul 2019

Out here catching 🦞 in the keys! Also notice how @kristinjohns always has her hand on my side. She always try’s to tickle me there because she thinks it will make me laugh. But I only laugh because she thinks it will make me laugh. That’s the cycle of how we get our pictures. I make a bad face to ruin the picture. She gets mad and starts to tickle me. Then I laugh because I annoyed her so much. NOT because I’m ticklish. Just for the record.

Jul 2019

Started yesterday off on a positive note by trying something new thanks to V8 +Energy! #sponsored After YEARS of Kristin begging me to do SoulCycle with her - I FINALLY DID IT! 💪🏻🤪🚲 And I had plenty of energy thanks to @v8juice ! If you’re looking for a lil boost of energy throughout your day, V8 +Energy is the perfect thing to get you moving! You might not be able to keep up with Kristin 😅 but you will feel good trying. #V8EnergyTour #PowerThePositiveYou

Jul 2019

I just wanted to caption this photo: “Daddy loves you.” But @kristinjohns wouldn’t let me. So I’m just going to say something like “will you still be following us when we are this old?” or “she was only with me for the money the whole time”... wait she said I shouldn’t say that either. 👵🏼🤷🏼‍♂️🧓🏼 I made this one up for Kristin “when your skin care routine is so on point that even the app can’t age you.”

Jul 2019

Me and Minnie. 🐭❤️

Jul 2019

Swipe ➡️ to see me with a “mustache”. Ya know, some people are built for facial hair. Unfortunately, I was not born one of those people. However - @camperandhoney looks great with one. As soon as we took this photo, @kristinjohns made me shave of the ‘stache and then we re-took the photo. 😂👏🏼 Do you prefer the before or after?

Jul 2019

Happy 4th PEEPS. I’ve been growing a mustache for almost 2 weeks and you can’t even tell 😭😂 .... Hope you have fun today - love from the Johns Fam.🌞🇺🇸 #merica

Jun 2019

It’s been a crazy journey, All 3 nights sold out and our added matinees show times were a hit. Guys, if you didn’t get to see @viralthemusical in Los Angeles during it’s first workshop at #hollywoodfringefestival fear not. We are actively looking for new places to take our show! For all of those who asked how they could help even if they were not able to get a ticket in LA at such late notice, HERE IS HOW YOU CAN HELP US! We need you to go to: https://www.wedemand.com/viralthemusical (link is in my instagram story ) and create an account on We Demand and demand that VIRAL the musical comes to your city! We have been Trending. #1 on the site the last 24 hours 😫🙏🏻 keep it going! We cannot do this without you guys. Please vote! Any and all votes help the exposure and possibility of this show being seen by the masses! Here are 10 stills from one of performances. And yes, you missed out. 😁 if you got to see the show comment down below and let everybody know how much they missed out on. If you haven’t seen the show and you want it to come to your city, tag a friend and tell them to vote to have it come to your town!! P.S soundtrack is coming soon. Thanks for being patient❤️

Jun 2019

2 hours from opening night!! Aghhh. God bless this project. I’m nervous!!!! 😅🙏🏻 Viralthemusical.com for tickets! Link in the bio!!

Jun 2019

Dudes!! The show is tomorrow in LA. Opening night is sold out! 19th and 20th at 7:30 are all that’s left! However, we have expended our show to two extra matinee shows on Wednesday and Friday at 3pm. For all the details for tickets go to viralthemusical.com (link in my bio ) Original artwork, sets, story, acting, singing, dancing, live music by orchestra. It’s gonna be big! 😅 hopefully we pull this thing off. We have had less than 72 hours of combined rehearsal time. Come see the miracle we pulled off. We have the most amazing cast and crew on this project and thank you all to the 60+ people it took to put this show together! Love you all. What a journey. For those who aren’t able to come see in LA, there is a documentary of the making of the show In the works. So if I haven’t been posting as much, it’s been because I have been working non stop with everyone! We captured everything so all the tea will be spilled. Hehe. JK. But 4 real, Come to the show. Love you bye.

Jun 2019

GIVEAWAY TIME! We are giving away a VIP Experience Add-On to ONE person and a Guest for @viralthemusical ! All you have to do is be following me, @viralthemusical , and dm Viral a screenshot of a purchase of your General Admission or Premium admission tickets! Check out the most recent post on @viralthemusical for full details 🙌🏻 GOOD LUCK 😁 #viral

Jun 2019

So the newest trick we are teaching Camper and Honey is how to keep a treat on top of their nose until I say “get it.” And @bluebuffalo moist bits from @Walmart are their favorite treat to do it with . I would say that Camper is catching on much faster to it. Honey just gets very confused and lays down when I try it with her. Lol. But go watch my Instagram story to see one of Camper’s first attempts at this new trick. Honestly I was surprised at how quickly he got it! Glad we were able to get a shot of both the pups with their bandanas on. For some reason Honey does not like when Camper is wearing one and tries to rip it off of him as soon as she can get the chance . Thank you @BlueBuffalo for teaching my babies a few new tricks and being our home for our doggy training snacks! #sponsored

May 2019

@viralthemusical official launch video is live!! So excited to show you the (almost ) opening number to our show! Link in bio for full video! Thank you all for your support. So grateful to all who helped make this dream come true! Grab your tickets while you can, they are going fast!

May 2019

So humbled by all of your response to @viralthemusical Tickets are selling fast! Super excited to drop the first single from the show next week. (Tuesday is our goal if everything goes right! ) Just wanted to make a post thanking some people who have helped me get this Musical to where it is today. Some photos are of a table read we did at my house with friends and family last October. And the other photos are from 2 different video shoots we did (one as a proof of concept, and the other to real ease this week for promotion for the show! ). So grateful for these people, and many more who will be highlighted along this journey! Please follow @viralthemusical for more updates, we have been polling questions like what are merch should look like amongst other things that you guys can help shape this show to life! So thankful to all the people who have shared! All the exposure will help us eventually be able to take it to other cities or even New York! We are 23 days away from the first show! Aghhh!!!

May 2019

I present to you my very supportive wife @kristinjohns . Yesterday was an amazing launch for the musical, and even though she was away in Colorado on the day, it felt like she was right by my side. Thank you for keeping this thing a secret for so long and putting up with playing my songs in the house everyday for a year. And re shooting your videos if you hear them in the background 😂. Thank you for being my rock and the inspiration for the story of @viralthemusical . The love story in the musical is a creative representation of what me and Kristin endured during our long distance relationship for nearly 3 years. This project wouldn’t have been anything without your love, support, and encouragement along the way. You have helped in so many ways, including even picking up the camera to film bts every now and then😊. Btw, the last picture is the first picture me and Kristin ever took with each other. 😂 You look so tiny next to that thing. And also, as my social media advisor she would probably advise to plug my musical. 😅 Link in the description. Also, she will be there every night supporting me, and maybe making Kristin made lemonade - haven’t asked her about that yet, so hopefully she is down. Either way, make sure to say hi if you see her in the crowd. 🥳