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2 days ago

Anyone else try the impossible burger? - My feedback: they nailed it. It tastes exactly like the fast food I remember. It also made me feel @the same way I remember fast food made me feel. Sluggish and bloated. - I do love that vegan options are popping up everywhere. Makes my life easier. It also shows that the rest of y’all are catching up with the times. ; ) - Now for my hard sell: these @flagnorfail core long sleeves are insane. Best product we have ever made I think. Perfect cuts, seams, weight, design and branding. If you already have one, can you drop me a review below? I’ll pick one of the reviews and send you a newer color. - And before I forget, my boots are available on Amazon. Just search “vegan boot” they are on there somewhere

2 days ago

330 lbs of fluff and a @danalinnbailey

4 days ago

Let’s go

4 days ago

How long will it take me to get to the office 🤷🏻‍♂️

6 days ago

Headed to lunch looking tall AF today. #unmogisback

2 weeks ago

Lots of changes to my training, and I love it. For the last 25 years I have been training relatively the same way… As I have been getting older, my BODY HAS FORCED me to go lower in weights, stop doing exercises or even skip body parts. Most pain coming from my back and spreading to other areas. I decided to switch some things up a few months ago. Athleticism, flexibility, explosive-ness, and core strength became a priority. And so my training changed. - I also decided to take action and get a my back fixed. I got X-rays, MRI, and saw some specialists. @precisionptmt hit me with heavy dry needling and stim 3 days a week, which worked wonders for me. - Today was my first squat since I moved to Montana. I went a little heavier than I should have and broke form. Mostly to see how my back would respond. ( it went better than I expected ) After that successful venture I went thru my training routine with @rastarunner_ - I am having fun and feeling healthy. I still have strength and am sitting around 245lb. I am not really dieting or tracking anything at all. - I keep getting asked my goals. Well, right now all I have is, I WANT TO GET BETTER EVERY DAY. I want progress. I also want to Run a 5 minute mile in the spring. I am open for more physical goals to be added…. But that is all I have right now. - Fully aware I have been off youtube for a very very long time. IF I do return….. I will be covering some of this training, and some of my rehab. Mostly because of all the messages I get from people who all have the same back issues I have/had. - For now, if you are interested in this training at all, go follow @rastarunner_ He uploads content everyday. Most all of it is movements that we do. - Finally, sorry for the shirtless pic. I have not been this lean in a while and I felt sorta proud

2 weeks ago

Sunday’s we shred. #still ❤️Toyota

2 weeks ago

Look at me guys! I’m a full grown boy!

2 weeks ago

January 28th 2020

3 weeks ago

Dana: promise you will not deadlift tonight. Me: caught 🤷🏻‍♂️

4 weeks ago

This entire mountain..... all these trees and you decided to run into me @danalinnbailey

5 weeks ago

Bash bros or polar bears?

5 weeks ago

I feel you Kai trust me.

last month

Rocker jacket ☑️ Rocket fuel ☑️ Rocket ☑️

last month

Name two better superheros..... I dare you

last month

LFG @flagnorfail

last month

When you’ve had enough and you try to jump to the moon, but gravity keeps your ass here. @flagnorfail

last month

If this dude told you our album comes out 1/28/2020 would you trust him? Y/N @hustlestandard

last month

I try not to do too many throw backs or live in the past. But when I get discouraged, sometimes I have to review old photos. Instantly snaps me back who the fuck I am. fuck you kill everything

last month

It’s been a really shitty 24 hours. - Roy got really sick. We where lucky to get a vet to the house last night at mid night! He was in so much pain and not responding to anything I almost put him down. - Then to another local vet at 10am... they tried a few things, put an IV in him and we got back on the road. Dana rose in the back with him 70 miles (it’s freezing ) to keep him calm. - Now the last ditch effort we drove south and found a Clinic that can do surgery. He gets cut at 4pm. Hopefully this clears up the blockage. - I appreciate my @flagnorfail crew covering for me. - Roy, you little monster.... I know you are gonna pull thru this! - Side note// this @gfc_usa camper was a lifesaver in transport. We pulled the cushions down for dana to sit on... it had a perfect attachment to hang the iv... and The accessibility from all sides is awesome. Wanted to throw you guys a note about how great it was for this weird trip. - Now back to ROY! Let’s go boy!!!!

last month

I remember two things about this shoot. - 1. I remember @lobo__films & @horohophoto asking me to do some athletic/ HIIT movements hard for video and photos…. And I felt like a tired old man. I couldn’t breathe, hold my core tight, jump….. I sucked. - 2. I remember choosing a photo to post to promote the shorts ( the shorts that are on sale right now for blkfri ; ) and posting the one of me sitting because I thought it was the only one where I looked ok. Swipe to the rope photo. ugh. Not only could I not perform for the shoot but I made the shorts look like hell in all the photos. - I called my boy @danholguin that day and asking him to help me with my training.  I made instant diet, life, and routine changed to fix it.  Clear, calculated vicious action. - Its cool getting ready to train today and think how fast I came from this shoot a few months ago. Im so excited to keep up my progress. - These are still some of our best shorts we ever made. 50% off right now on @flagnorfail

last month

And just like that... @flagnorfail Black Friday is live

last month

Just sitting here waiting for the #flagnorfail BLK fri sale to start. - Thinking about getting a new truck this month... suggestions? -

last month

Goat/dog mansion update: My back is fucked so I can’t build right now.... but I have ideas. -gutter system to gather rain water -hay/alfalfa loft with an attached feeder -electric ran in the spring -name plaques for animals -goat ninja warrior course 🤷🏻‍♂️ Do you guys have any ideas I can start planning for my return to construction? Let me know! - (Hoody releases Thursday @flagnorfail )