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EMT🚑🚁 RN (in progress )💉💊 MD (coming soon )👩🏻‍⚕️🏥 La Rosa que creció de hormigón🇲🇽🌹

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5 days ago

Where oh where does the time go?! 5 years ago today this amazing little guy was born. He is so smart, funny, loving, and caring. I can not think of my life without him. Can not believe he’s gotten this big now. I love you Eli ♥️ Happy birthday 🎁🎈🎉🎊 🎂 #littlebrother

last month

☃️🎄♥️ #christmasparty

Nov 2019

11/15/19 My last baby sibling turned 1💙 #babybrother #firstbirthdayparty

Oct 2019

I’ve waited 4 1/2 years for this.... Little man scored his first goal today♥️⚽️🥅🌤 #littlebrother #soccer

Aug 2019

And just like that😫 my baby brother is going to his first day of Pre-K and my baby sister is off to 7th😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 #firstdayofschool #yesicried #babies

Mar 2019

33 years ago you came here with nothing in order to give us everything. You took a chance in order to make sure we had everything and more. Even when you had 2 jobs you still made it to every recital, every game, every meet, and every special event. You taught us that no matter your upbringing, no matter what your situation is, no matter where you come from... it’s what you make of it “para seguir adelante”. “Poner te la pilas” and to “siempre echar le ganas”. After 33 years of struggle and hustle... you achieved your greatest goal. You achieved your American dream. Estoy muy orgullosa de usted abuelo. Te quiero mucho. Dios me a bendecido con el mejor abuelo en todo el mundo. ♥️🇲🇽🇺🇸 #americandream

Jan 2019

My little baby brother turned 4 today😭❤️ where has the time gone😫❤️ #babybrother #family #dynamicduo #tilltheendoftheline

Nov 2018

You will be missed 😔♥️ #stanlee #marvel #legend #Excelsior

Nov 2018

He may be tiny, but he’s very mighty 💪🏽 another duo costume off the bucket list♥️ Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween 🎃👻 🐜 🐝 #marvel #antmanandthewasp #babybrother #happyhalloween

Sep 2018

My second Family♥️

Sep 2018

When you meet THE Jack Betts who played the Oscorp boardman Henry Balkan in the first Spider-Man movie 😍 #marvel #spiderman #marvelcomics #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsplayhouse

Jul 2018

My babies😍😍♥️♥️🌺🌺 #babybrother #babycousin #familia #cuties

Jul 2018

Prima❤️ no hay palabras que puede describir el felicidad y orgullo que tenia por usted ayer. Te quiero muchísimo y siempre voy estar aquí por usted. Que dios te bendiga a usted y Juan. Los quiero mucho❤️ #DelTorroWedding #justacoupleofkidsfromthebay #oakland #bayarea ✊🏽❤️💚🇲🇽

Mar 2018

“Take me to where I am happiest and free”🤟🏽🎸 #fallinginreverse #motionlessinwhite #paparoach #issues #fromashestonew #adaytoremember #deadgirlsacademy #yellowcard #theendisheretour #graveyardshifttour #warpedtour2016 #15yearsinthemakingtour If only I could fit more than 10 videos of all the many bands I’ve seen😭

Mar 2018

“Families who rage together, stay together” 🤟🏽😝🎸 MOST EPIC CONCERT BY FAR! (Only downside is not seeing the encore songs of ADTR up close ) BUT SO HAPPY THAT I GOT TO EXPERIENCE THIS WITH MY FAMILY! My brother and I had waited 15 years and we finally got to RAGE to A DAY TO REMEMBER AND SHARE THAT MOMENT WITH OUR LITTLE SISTER 😭😭🤟🏽🤟🏽and ADTR singing “if it means a lot to you” brought me to tears!!!!!! Unforgettable night!!!! #adtr #15yearsinthemaking #hardrock #fallinginreverse #paparoach #adaytoremember #family

Feb 2018

Nov 2017

“But Mr. Stark!”😂😂 another successful Halloween with the little brother. I’m glad people got the hint that Iron Man is the boss of Spider-Man, and my little brother is basically the boss😂😂😂 love being able to share these moments with him❤️❤️❤️❤️happy halloween from your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and your world reknown billionaire genius playboy philanthropist Mr Stark! #littlebrother #myworld #marvel #ironman #spiderman #stanlee #littlebrotherbigsistergoals #lovehim #halloween2016 #halloween2017

Oct 2017

From my first VIP to my most recent! These guys are truly something else and their music is just pure genius. When I met them for the first time back in January, they were the nicest people ever. This time around they were still and perhaps even more kind , amazing, funny, and just so humble. So grateful to be able to see them again! I look forward to many more concerts with them. If you haven’t listened to any of Motionless In White music, I suggest you do!!! Not only a great band, but they are a great band that’s filled with even greater people. #theendisheretour #graveyardshifttour #brooklynbowllv #rage #ragelife #heavymetal #rockandroll #motionlessinwhite

Jul 2017

Can you tell I love having a little brother❤️❤️❤️?? #marvellive #littlebrother #marvelavengers #bigsisterlittlebrother #siblinggoals

Jan 2017

Love this little guy❤🌎 #babybrother #stud #tbttohisbouncyhouseforhisbirthday 😂 #photcredstoluisa 😉

Nov 2016

Hope your holiday festivities are as patriotic as ours😏🇺🇸 Happy Halloween 🎃💀👽👻✨ #happyhalloween #captainamerica #brothersisterlove #bigsisterlittlebrothergoals #avengers #marvel

Oct 2016

When you're mesmerized😍 by the queen👑, of course it's hard to take a decent picture😜💗🌹 Te quiero mucho hermana and I'm so proud of you and everything you do! You deserved this❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #homecoming #homecomingqueen #hermana #senior #alumni #loveyou #volleyball 🏐 #football 🏈 #cougars #bleedblueandsilver

Aug 2016

Picture pretty much explains how excited and happy I was to be at my first warped. Although I barely took pictures and videos, I don't regret it. I lived in the moment, and the memories will last forever. From being in the front for every band playing, being part of a We the Kings music video, meeting the lead vocals of Sleeping with Sirens, achieving my childhood dream of seeing YellowCard and New found Glory, moshing in a pool, singing till I lost my voice, seeing so much talent, and raging to my favorite band Falling In Reverse is absolutely an experience that was priceless!!! I can definitely say I will be going every year from now on🤘🏼❤huge thanks to all the bands that went out there and made all the fans have an unforgettable experience "I don't rave, I rage" (photo creds to my cousin who took this picture to get my first reaction when we walked in ) #vanswarpedtour2016 #journeys #fallinginreverse #bestdayever #rockisnotdead #childhooddreamscometrue #ragelife #concertlife

Jun 2016

Children of Immigrants... We are both proud of our culture and heritage🇲🇽, and we are very grateful for the country we live in🇺🇸. We are grateful for the opportunities that are open to us, that were not open to our family. We are thankful for the constant "echale ganas" y "ponte las pilas" as a form of motivation. We are thankful for our families long hours at work, tired limbs, aching backs, their tired eyes that turned red from exhaustion, food on the table, a roof over our head, and not giving everything we wanted but everything we NEEDED. We are thankful for our families that migrated here to this land of opportunity, to give us the biggest opportunity of all... A better and brighter future. We are thankful for our ups and downs, our laughs and cries. We are most certainly thankful that we had them by our side along the way. We are proud to be children of immigrants who have instilled in us the meaning of hard work, love, and above all family. We are thankful for the many doors that have been opened for us because of our families making the decision to migrate to US and have a better life not just for themselves, but for the many generations that would come after. We are thankful for everything our families have done for us, and we hope this can be one of the many ways we pay them back. We are strong, intelligent, hard working, and dream chasers. We are children of immigrants. We are proud of our culture and heritage💚❤️🇲🇽✊🏽 and we are grateful for the country we live in❤️💙🇺🇸✊🏽. #Mexican #American #echaleganas #childrenofimmigrants #dreamers #trabajadoras #family #love #blessings #proudchicanas #workharderthanmost #begrateful #behumble #beproud