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Oct 2019

Great Day Today celebrating a Baltimore and Maryland icon as well as calling back to my own roots that will always be special to me. (Comments will be disabled for this photo due to the current political climate involving the late Rep. Cummings in relation to President Donald Trump and to avoid spam comments by supporters of the President. ) #elijahcummings #baltimore

Jul 2019

J$ in 2075? #faceapp #agechallenge

Jun 2019

FIN Note: (Since I happened to be in the area, I figured why not snap this? )

May 2019

The Champions 🏆

May 2019

Double Dip

Jan 2019

2009 (left ), 2019 (right ) #10yearchallenge #smilebitch

Dec 2018

(From Dec. 7, 2018 ) J$ x Youngbloods

Oct 2018

On my way out of early voting, I ran into some wonderful young black ladies who are part of the Black Girls Vote chapter at Morgan State University. Young people will ultimately determine the outcome of these elections and remember that the policies made in Washington today will have a major impact for years to come. Early Voting lasts from 10AM to 8PM between now and November 1st and of course the general election is November 6th. Get educated on what's going on our government and cast those ballots. #reelectlarryhogan #fuckdonaldtrump #blackgirlsvote

Sep 2018

The Next Generation. #routedthehall ⚽️ #cardinalbeatdown

Aug 2018

(2018-19 Profile Picture ) Looking forward to a great year ahead. #jmoney #iwasstillgoingtotakethispicture #eventhoughitwashotasshit 👍💯💰

Aug 2018

Congratulations to the GOAT 🐐! @raylewis #legendsneverdie #arethedogsinthehouse #whattimeisit #gametime 🏈

Aug 2018

The most important thing in life is your own well-being. Take great care of it. 💯 #grindszn #haventpostedinawhile

Jun 2018

Now that the NBA Finals are over, it's time to begin the 2018/2019 campaign. Looking forward to the new challenges that await me over the next 12 months & how I respond to them as well as meeting some new friends along the way. A lot of things are in store for me after I make my recovery from my finger fracture, including $ making, driving & so much more. How do you all like my new look with the beard to go with it?🔥😀 #itsanewdawnitsanewdayitsanewlifeforme #grindszn

Feb 2017

J$ & a corrupt Baltimore career politican. (And no she did not give me any of her Healthy Holly books. ) #yougoingtojailbitch #healthyholly #baltimore