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One year ago today, i bid my final farewell to my girl, Sadie. I rescued her in June of 2003, between scenes on Gilmore Girls, and we were partners and teammates for 15+ years. I think about her often. I miss her, and I’ll always cherish the times we shared. I sometimes feel selfish, thinking about how much joy she gave me. I hope i made her feel the same. If i was able to give her even just 1% of the happiness she gave me, then she’s still smiling... somewhere... Play In Peace Sadie. My life is better because you were in it.

2 weeks ago

Happy Birthday Baby!!! Here’s to another year of new experiences and adventures ❤️❤️ Thanks for bringing me along 😁 @nowandgen #happybirthday

2 weeks ago

Farewell final holiday beard. You’ve been a close friend these last 15 years... (like, REALLY close... in all honesty, you’re right up in my face sometimes ). Hello Sam Winchester. Take us home. #spnfamily #supernatural

3 weeks ago

Seasons greetings and Happy New DECADE from the Padalecki Clan!! Hope y’all had a super time! (While keeping it natural, of course ) @nowandgen #happyholidays #happynewyear #spnfamily

3 weeks ago

Look who i saw at @hottopic !!! It’s a #boxingday miracle!!!

4 weeks ago

Sending greetings and love from The Great State Of Texas!!! Y’all be safe out there and have a happy and safe holiday season now, ya here? #happyholidays

Oct 2019

Hangin with my boy @timschultechef at @adprestaurant .... great food and great folks. Gotta say, I’ll never come to toronto again and not eat here!

Oct 2019

Watching #supernatural #season15 with Tom.... if he has nightmares, it’s not my fault... right??? #spn #spnfamily #akf

Oct 2019

Wrapped for the day and headed home to watch the #supernatural #season15premiere Thanks y’all ❤️ #spnfamily #mentalhealthawareness

Oct 2019

Thank you @tvguidemagazine and thank you #spnfamily for all that you have done!! Can’t wait to bring y’all the final 20 new episodes of the series. 🙏❤️

Sep 2019

Alright. Second try. 🤦‍♂️ My buddy Scott Porter is raising money for an amazing cause! Read more details here - http://hdsa.org/freezehd ALSO, I’m donating some of my personal belongings that were ONLY EVER offered to the cast and crew of Supernatural. Namely, our Season 14 Cast And Crew Gift Bag, several personalized pins, and my own personal script from the FINAL SEASON’S premiere episode (to be signed by the rest of the cast and mailed after airing ). Read about the contents and bid here for an amazing cause ❤️ https://e.givesmart.com/events/egw/i/_All/8ab9/?search=

Sep 2019

Ok. Whoops. I think i messed up on the links.... gonna talk to people who are smarter than I am and get it figured out. 🤦‍♂️ Get back to you soon!!

Sep 2019

Not for nothin. But, if I get more likes than @jensenackles for this picture, I’ll post a nudie of him. Challenge sent.

Sep 2019

In honor of #supernaturalday and #fridaythe13th i decided to confront my fear of bears. It went well. #spnfamily

Aug 2019

Sorry y’all. Been gone for a while. Bout to blow you up with some recent happenings! Meanwhile, enjoy this. This is what happens when @mercyhiphop tries to relax at work. Thanks @jwmanzano for the edit! #spnfamily

Jul 2019

Sunday #sdcc Jared, meet Monday #finalseasonspn Sam.... Talk amongst yourselves.... #spnfamily #24hourchallenge

Jul 2019

This might get awkward. But, sorry Storm Trooper, my money is on R2. Heading to Hall H to get ready for our final panel. So bittersweet (more bitter than sweet ). Hope to see y’all there. It’s going to be epic. #ThanksWBForTheCake ❤️

Jul 2019

Thank you to @tvguidemagazine for honoring this little show for our FINAL #Comic -Con!! 😭. These talented, promising, and erudite fellas (and @misha ) are eternally grateful. Hope to see y’all there. #WBSDCC #SDCC2019

May 2019

There aren’t enough words. Thank you will have to suffice. To the #GOAT #happymothersday

May 2019

Doin livestream with @nowandgen !!

May 2019

Caught my first ever bonefish!!!! I think I must’ve had some help from a galaxy far, far away.... #maythe4th be with y’all as well 😉 #catchandrelease @orvis @orvisflyfishing #helios3

Apr 2019

14 days ago. Still can’t believe it. @nowandgen @dream -big.org @bightgear #bostonmarathon

Apr 2019

Exactly two weeks out from the Boston Marathon. SO MUCH to catch up on!!! But, please forgive me, I’m relaxing right now. Talk soon. #spnfamily

Apr 2019

Only 4 days until the Boston Marathon (😬 ) and if YOU pledge to run a cumulative 5k by 4/21 too, the folks at @strava will make a direct donation to Dream Big for each new #SPNFamily registrant. You know what to do fam. Link in bio!