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#初三 #chor3 - 恭喜你發財。 恭喜你发财。 Wish you get rich. - 恭喜发财 (Gong Xi Fa Cai ) MEANS HOPE YOU GET RICH - Ronnie Chieng. -

3 days ago

Red for the coming prosperous season of Chinese New Year. 🔴

4 days ago

Gotta watch out for cars before crossing the road. 🛣 - #penang

1 weeks ago

It feels like the world is getting darker. 呢個世界越嚟越黑暗。 ni go sai gaai jyut lai jyut haak am. - Feel free to read my rant below which has no relevance to the photo above. - 2020, it's time, to be honest, and natural, with my approach to Instagram I meant. This year, I pledged to myself to not just share photos of the living moment, but also the others stuck in the archive and not just slap the label "TB" or "Throwback" to validate it. Is this me ranting on Instagram? Well, yeah. Over time of progress and evolution in the Instagram world, we lost an essential ingredient, sharing photos that we find interesting and not caring about pleasing our audiences. Now we are caught in the idea of making a personal brand, curating an aesthetically pleasing feed, and most importantly, keeping potentially great ideas in the dark. So for 2020, my mission is to break the barriers and share my honest interests and perspectives on this platform. Thank you for getting this far, your attention is greatly appreciated. 🙏 - #archive

2 weeks ago

Tumblr aesthetic revival? - Found this in the archives.

2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago

Found this in the archives. 📂 - #silenceiskey

3 weeks ago

Billie. - Would digital portraits be my new hobby of the new decade? We shall see. - #billieeilish

4 weeks ago


4 weeks ago

Still can't believe 2015 was five years ago, it feels like three. The fact that it's 2020 is hard to digest.

4 weeks ago

2020, bring on the challenges. I'm ready for it. - 📸: @tzeannlimm - #lights

4 weeks ago

Wawasan 2020: successful/not successful? berjaya/tidak berjaya? 成功/不成功? - 🇲🇾 - #2020

4 weeks ago

2 0 2 0 - Goodbye 2010s, you were great. New decade: new adventures and experiences. - #2020 #newyear

5 weeks ago

Hint: "I heard that there's a pretty good cendol place nearby where the Happy locals go to." - Just thought it it looked cool. - Most PJ people should know about this.

5 weeks ago

Escaping reality 🛒. - Random finds in KL. - #trolley

last month

With every passing year, it seems like I appreciate you even more despite all of your flaws. I'm glad call you my home. 🏠 - #kualalumpur #home

last month

Just touristy things in my own country, that's all.

Nov 2019

"Wish that you and I lived in The Sims" - Ari Staprans Leff ( @lauvsongs ), you were great. - #shotons10plus

Nov 2019

Last Winter ❄ (Australian winter I meant ). . Shout out to @jinninthebottle for this wonderful film camera shot.

Oct 2019

03.10.2019 . New horizons . #roadtrip

Sep 2019

T W E N T Y - Finally 20? It feels weird. Anyways, had a lovely day with these wonderful people. - #newstage - 📸: @calv_kaijin

Sep 2019

Finally posting something other than study stress. . KAWS x NGV exhibition . #kawsngv

Aug 2019

Ah pek style is the new fashion. . Ah pek: A popular local Malaysian term of address for an elderly Chinese man above 50s. . Selamat Hari Merdeka 🇲🇾 Happy Merdeka Day . #merdeka

Jul 2019