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last month

My favourite time of the year has officially begun! 😍❤️ I've always loved German Christmas markets, but holy crap, the medieval ones in Esslingen are so beautiful I am still speechless! 😳😍😍😍😍 I don't think anything can ever beat that, it's like you came back in time straight into a fairytale 😱😍😍😍 A massive thanks to @mehrsenf for showing me around! 😍❤️ #Stuttgart #Esslingen #Germany #Deutschland

last month

How do I even start with this caption?! 🙈🙈 Two ABSOLUTELY amazing nights in Prague and Zlín with the best guys I know ❤️❤️ I really wish I could do more shows, but unfortunatelly I am stil broke because of Avantasia 🙈😅 Still, even with only two shows the guys gave us the warmest welcome and Henjo even told us that it's always great to "meet our friends"! 😱😍 No words can describe how much I love this band, their appreciation for their fans is endless ❤️ Both shows were absolutely epic and also probably my favourite ones 😅😅 Partly because they were finally headlining, partly because of the epic setlist! 😍😍 Also of course Gianba let me sing into the microphone once again and this time I did not fuck up!! 😂😂😂 Never been prouder in my life 😂😂😂 We had so much fun during those two days and I am so grateful we had the opportunity to talk to the guys for quite a long time once again ❤️ There's nothing better than a band treating you like a friend, Gianba even sat with us on the stairs before the show in Prague and we literally talked about everything 😂😂 I will never forget the surprise on the faces of the arriving fans, these guys are just so down to earth it's unbelievable 😂😂😂 All I can say that I already miss this band and I hate myself for not being able to save for more shows 🙈🙈 A massive thanks to @mehrsenf who saved my ass so I could afford to drive us around 😅😅🙈 #TheUnity #Prague #Praha #Zlín

Oct 2019

AVANTASIA stop nr. 21 Gießener Kultursommer 🇩🇪 The "awful" Gießen again 🙈 The last time I promised myself not to come back to Gießener Kultursommer ever again, but of course I came anyway in the end 🙈 I have to admit that the organisation was much betten than in 2016, but I still hated it in the end 😑😑 I like that they do not allow running to the stage, HOWEVER that unfortunatelly means that EVERYBODY has the same chance to get the front row, whether you wait since the morning or arrive 10 minutes before the door open 😑 We were like FUCKING sardines, each person had about 3 centimetres at the barrier 😑😑 The location might be perfect for Avantasia, but I HATE it with a passion 😑😑 Of course Sascha noticed me immediately as always, Bob waved at me many times, he even winked at me and also made a hand sign around his eye looking at me 😂 Geoff also noticed me a lot, especially when I was headbaning, so at one point we were pretty much headbanhing together 😂 Jorn also noticed and Eric once again touched his hair while looking at me 😂 I guess this is his way to greet a Rainbow Head now 😂😂 Though what surprised me the most was that Tobi looked at me quite often and also pointed at me 😳 What I didn't know was that HE ANSWERED MY BLOODY STUPID VIDEO QUESTION BEFORE THE SHOW, so that must have been why he noticed me more than he usually does 🙈🙈 Also I guess you noticed that I NEVER write about André, because somehow he successfully managed to ignore me throughout the whole tour 😂 I stood on his side many times, but he never looked at me and every time he threw a pick, he made sure it was the complete opposide side from me 😂 So I did not expect anything from him, BUT THIS TIME HE ACTUALLY LOOKED DIRECTLY AT ME AND THREW THE PICK IN MY DIRECTION!! 😱😱 #GießenerKultursommer #Gießen #Germany #Avantasia #MoonglowTour

Oct 2019

AVANTASIA stop nr. 20 Alcatraz Festival 🇧🇪 Bloody fucking hell, 20 shows in 10 countries, how fucking epic is that?! 😱 When I started this tour, I would NEVER believe Moonglow tour will be THIS massive for me! 😱 This was my first Alcatraz festival and from the beginning I was very pleasantly surprised! The festival felt really relaxed, I could leave my spot in the first row even minutes before Avantasia hit the stage! 😱 However my experince there was ruined by stupid crowdsurfers during Powerwolf show, who sprained my finger VERY badly 😔 At first we were all convinced that the finger was broken, the security guys called a medic for me because I refused to leave the first row 😂 I got a bag of ice, but the finger hurt like a fucking bitch, so it was pretty difficult to enjoy the show while being is such a great pain 😔 Afterwards I was informed by the doctor that the finger will hurt for over three months before it heals completely 🙈 It still hurts now, by the way 😅 Still, I do not regret coming at all, the show was perfection once again! Of course Sascha noticed me immediately and I think he was really confused by the bag of ice, because he looked at me reeeally weirdly throughout the whole show 😂 Also Jorn noticed me once again and pointed at me, I also think Geoff and Eric saw me, but I admit I was too focused on the pain that I might miss some of the looks and interactions 🙈 I also think Tobi looked at me for a second, but I also might be wrong 😅 But of course there was no way to miss Bob's interaction with me, he waved and pointed at me many times and also blew me a kiss 😍 Also I almost shat myself, because even though I stood in front of Olli many many times, he never bothered to throw me a pick ... But this time, when I had the exact middle, he CAME IN FRONT OF ME, POINTED AT ME AND THREW THE PICK! 😱 #Alcatraz #AlcatrazFestival #Kortrjik #Belgium #Avantasia #MoonglowTour

Oct 2019

That moment when you expect Germany, but you get Paris, yet even dirtier, less mantained, more smelly and less safe 😭 Originally I wasn't even going to stop in Brussels on my way back from England, but in the end this was my only chance to get home 😅😅 The flights were over 200 Euros and all of the busses were fully booked, so I had to take a bus to Brussels from London, "survive" 16 hours there and then take a train back home 😅 And since I love travelling, I grabbed this opportunity excited to visit another country I've never been to before ... But the first impression of Brussels was so disappointing, I wanted to cry ... The streets were filled with trash and weird people, all of the buildings looked like they haven't been mantained for ages and the smell! 🙈 I expected something completely different since Brussels is the capital city of European Union 😔 At first I planned not to book a hostel and stay on the streets during the night, but the darker it got, the more terrified I was to stay outside 😣 I decided not to risk anything and booked a bed in a hostel, then I was finally able to do some sightseeing without actually worrying sick 🙈 What a surprise it was for me how absolutely beautiful the historic centre was! 😱😍 It was like stepping into a different wolrd! In the end I absolutely loved my visit and changed my mind about Brussels a bit 😍 Unfortunatelly I haven't seen much because I arrived in the evening and it got dark pretty soon, but I will come back to explore more of Brussels for sure! 😍 I just won't step out of the centre too much and probably won't go alone next time 😂 #Brussels #Bruxelles #Belgium #GrandPlace #GrandPlaceBrussels #SquareBruxelles #MontDesArts #PalaisDeBruxelles #PalaisDeJustice #CathedraleDesStsMichelEtGudule #PlaceRoyaleBruxelles #NotreDameDuSablon #EgliseNotreDame

Oct 2019

It is always such a pleasure to meet this sunshine ❤️ I almost gave up on hope that I was going to meet him this time once again as we waited for him over two hours 🙈 Luckily he did come out in the end and even though everything went so incredibly quickly, Andrew made sure once again to take photos with everybody who queued ❤️ I was so nervous that looking back now, I am not even surprised I made everything SO BLOODY AWKWARD AS ALWAYS AGAIN! 🙈 The moment he saw me, he immediately said "Hello, it's nice to meet you again" AND I DIED! 😱 The fact that he STILL remembers me even after OVER A YEAR is something so surreal I can barely believe it!! ❤️❤️ Yet I managed to fuck up immediately 🙈 I asked a guy in front of me to take a photo of me with Andrew, but he forgot and left 🙈 So instead of greeting Andrew, I CHASED THE GUY pleading to take the photo 🙈🙈🙈🙈 Poor Andrew was "It's okay, I can take the photo of us.", but me, losing my shit, I turned to him and FOOLISHLY said "No, you can't." 🙈🙈🙈🙈 I DID NOT MEAN IT THAT WAY, THOUGH! I had a digital camera, so a selfie with a thing like this is not an easy task, so what I meant was that HE MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO actually take the selfie with a pocket camera! 🙈🙈🙈 I realised a bit too late that I literally told Andrew fucking Scott that HE CAN'T TAKE OUR SELFIE and died inside once again instantly 🙈🙈🙈 I tried to explain to him what I meant with the camera after the guy realised and came back, but I felt like a total idiot, so I got even more nervous and literally babbled like a psychopath 🙈🙈 I think it is perfectly visible on my face how fucking nervous I was and I HATE myself in this photo so much, since I can see in my eyes that I just wanted to die at that moment 🙈🙈 I literally look like a drunk pig that was FORCED into that photo 😭
Seriously, why do I always have to make such a fool out of myself every time I meet my favourite celebrities?! 🙈🙈 Thank God Andrew is such an angel and told me to "See you soon again" anyway ❤️❤️😅 #AndrewScott #PresentLaughter #TheOldVic #OldVic #London #Theatre #StageDoor

Oct 2019

London, do I even need to say more? 😍❤️ I was lucky enough to visit this amazing city once again this year, this time thanks to my favourite Andrew Scott ❤️ As always, I jumped on a plane and visited England for less than 24 hours just to see Present Laughter, and holy crap, it was more than worth it! 😍❤️ It definitely was one of the funniest plays I've seen! The best stage performance, I really regret not seeing this more than once 😔 Also since I didn't need to queue to get my seat (😂 ), I had almost the whole day to see my favourite London sights once again ❤️ #London #England #UnitedKingdom #PresentLaughter #TheOldVic #OldVic #AndrewScott #BuckinghamPalace #WestminsterAbbey #Westminster #StPaulsCathedral #TowerOfLondon #TowerBridge #TateModern

Oct 2019

I promised myself to come back to Esslingen after the Rock for One World festival with The Unity, because even though I only saw the city at night, I immediately fell in love with this place 😍 Little did I know that a year and a half later I will be visiting this city more often than I could even dream of 😂😂 I always say that all German cities are beautiful, but Esslingen has to be one of the most beautiful cities I've ever been to 😍❤️ And no, of course I am not saying that only because of @mehrsenf 😂😂 #Esslingen #EsslingenAmNeckar #EsslingerBurg #StadtkircheStDionys #AltesRathausEsslingen #KleinVenedigEsslingen #Deutschland #Germany

Oct 2019

AVANTASIA stop nr. 19 Masters of Rock 🇨🇿 First festival show of this tour once again proved that I am probably too old to survive the whole day waiting for the headliner 🙈 Even though this years line up was epic after a long time and I planned to stay all four days in the front row, I was happy I only survived the wait for Avantasia 🙈 I was so dead tired that I could barely enjoy the show 😔 If I can't jump and go crazy due to exhaustion, it feels like I wasted a good show 😔🙈 But even though I did not go crazy like I am used to, of course almost the whole band noticed me once again 😍 Sascha noticed me immediately and kept looking all the time, Ronnie pointed at me with a smile at the end of the show, Eric also smiled and pointed at me and Geoff also noticed me few times 😊 But it was once again Bob who caused me another heart attack 😂😂 Not only he waved at me, smiled and pointed, he also said "I still have it!" INTO THE MICROPHONE AT THE END OF THE SHOW! 😱😂😍😍😍 I can't believe he STILL refers to the duck after such a long time! 😑😍❤️❤️❤️ And of course once again Tobi did not look at me at all, but I would honestly be surprised if he did 😂 #MastersOfRock #Vizovice #Avantasia #MoonglowTour

Sep 2019

Did I already mention that Berchtesgaden has one of the most breathtaking views I've ever seen?! 😱😍 This photo looks like from a set of some fantasy film, I swear that if I wasn't there, I would never believe this is real! 😱 #Obersee #Obersalzberg #Berchtesgaden #Bayern #Deutschland #Germany

Aug 2019

WARNING! This is NOT a "Hitler appreciation" post! I am not a secret Nazi sympathiser, I am only interested in WWII and everything about it 😅🙈 Visiting this place was definitely something I wanted to do for ages, so when we finally went camping for the first time ever and my parents picked this part of Alps, it was obvious where our first stop was going to be 😅 Once again I have to admit that this dude seriously knew where to pick a place for living! 😱 The view was spectacular even just from the Dokumentation Obersalzberg museum, but once we reached the top of Kehlstein, the view was absolutely breathtaking 😍 I mean seriously, even though I prefer cities, I would definitely not mind an “office” like Eagle's Nest 😂😂 It really makes me sad to see what happened to this place though 😕 The museum should have been also up there instead of a restaurant overfilled with tourists! 😔 Of course I can see the fear of Neo Nazis, but seriously, what difference does it make?! These people will visit this place anyway, whether it is a museum or a restaurant ... #EaglesNest #Kehlsteinhaus #Kehlstein #Königssee #Obersalzberg #Berchtesgaden #Bayern #Deutschland #Germany

Aug 2019

I rememeber exactly how I felt when I was about to meet Ian for the first time ... I just could not believe it until I actually met him, end even after that I was sure it was just a dream 😅 I was so convinced that was the ONLY time I will ever meet this guy, so if you told me I am meeting him two years later again, I would NEVER believe you! 🙈 Of course I still regret I did not "upgrade" for the photo with both "Salvatore brothers", but I was so broke at that time I could barely afford the rest of the photo vouchers 😔 I just have to keep hoping that this was not my only chance, because otherwise I will hate myself forever 😭 Once again Ian proved how AMAZING and down to earth person he is, because even though the organisation sucked really badly, he made sure that he spent some time with every single fan that bought their voucher ❤️❤️ I knew from the beginning that this was exactly what I wanted to tell him at the signing session, so when he greeted me with his typical "Hello, sweetheart", I gathered all my guts and told him that I already met him at Magic Con in Bonn and that I LOVE the way he's treating his fans and that he is the nicest and most humble person I've met and he was like "Awww, darling!" AND THEN GOT UP AND HUGGED ME! 😱😭😍😵 He thanked me many many times telling me how much he appreciated my words and that moments like these are the reason why he's doing it ❤️❤️ Also when I was about to leave, he told me "See you soon again, love!" 😱 So that means I. NEED. TO. MEET. HIM. AGAIN!! No matter how, no matter where, no matter when, I just need to ❤️❤️ #IanSomerhalder #WarsawComicCon #TheVampireDiaries #TVD #DamonSalvatore #Salvatore #Lost

Aug 2019

My absolute highlight of Warsaw Comic Con! ❤️ An ultimate dream come true! 😱😍 I still can’t believe that I met one of my favourite actors from LOTR cast 😱😭😭 As a child, I loved Pippin so much, he was my favourite Hobbit since the beginning 😍 I would never even dare to dream of meeting him, so when he was announced for WCC, I almost cried with happiness ❤️❤️❤️ I was so overjoyed to meet this guy that even when Andrew was cancelled once again, I didn't mind that much this time, because meeting BILLY FUCKING BOYD was something so surreal I would come ANYWHERE even if he was the only star there 😍😍😍 Meeting this guys exceeded my expectations by hundred percent, he is one of the nicest and most kind hearted people I’ve ever met ❤️ Also he's so bloody hilarious I cried with laughter the whole time during his panels! 😅 I was so nervous while telling him how much I am grateful that he went to WCC and how much he meant to me when I was a kid, so I just babbled like an idiot, but he was so nice and thanked me for my words and my support, telling me how much he appreciated it ❤️❤️ Also when I went to take the photo with him the next day, I got a hug the moment it was my turn, so I died a bit since that is more than a childhood dream come true! 😅 This guy really stole my heart, so I knew this was NOT my last time meeting him! ❤️ I decided to follow him and try to do as many cons or shows as I can! ❤️ #BillyBoyd #WarsawComicCon #LordOfTheRings #LOTR #PeregrinTook #Pippin

Aug 2019

If you ever told me that the first male Teen Wolf actor I was going to meet is Tyler Hoechlin, I would never believe you! 😱 Jesus, I was such a fangirl of Derek Hale, he still is one of my favourite characters ever! 😍 Teen Wolf used to by my favourite series back in the day, I knew every epside by memory 😅 Also I basically spent two years just staring at the photos, gifs and videos of Sterek 😂😂😂 Sweet school years, haha 😅😅 I still feel sorry about how the series turned out, I never managed to get past the third series 😔 Though the first three seasons are still my favourite series, not even The Vampire Diaries could compete! 😍😍 So yes, meeting Tyler is definitely an absolute dream come true I never expected to happen 😍😍 He is such a lovely, funny and kind guy, it was a great plesure to meet him! ❤️ Oh and by the way, he can still nail the "Cousin Miguel look!" 😂😂😂 MY GOD I NEED TO REWATCH TEEN WOLF IMMEDIATELY!! 🙈🙈 I should finally give it a try and finish all 6 seasons 🙈🙈 Also please ignore my stupid grin, I was so nervous to meet him I made a stupid movement and the photographer took the photo in that exact moment 🙈🙈🙈 I hate my face there, but I love the photo anyway 😍😍 #TylerHoechlin #WarsawComicCon #TeenWolf #DerekHale #Supergirl #Superman

Aug 2019

MORE THAN A DREAM COME TRUE! Holland is one of my favourite actresses, so I guess you can imagine I almost cried when she was announced to WCC! ❤️❤️❤️ Unfortunatelly I could not attend the second edition back in 2017, so I kept begging the WCC staff to bring her back almost under every post they made since then 🙈🙈 I kept hoping there still is a chance for me to meet her, because I seriously hated myself that I missed my chance when she was this close to me 🙈 She is such a lovely person, I really wish I had more time to talk to her, but unfrortunatelly my schedule was so tight I almost missed her signing session 🙈 I only had few seconds, so of course my brain froze and I didn't tell her anything I wanted 😔 But that doesn’t matter in the end, I finally met her and that’s what means to me the most! ❤️ #HollandRoden #WarsawComicCon #TeenWolf #LydiaMartin

Aug 2019

I am probably the only person who fangirls over Tom Wlaschiha and yet has never seen a single episode of Game of Thrones 😂😂😂 I don't actually think I've ever seen anything with Tom, but I'm planning to binge watch Crossing Lines, so that counts, right?! 😅😅 I know this sounds confusing and you probably wonder why do I claim that I am a fan even though I've never seen any of his films 😂 The reason is actually pretty simple - because I love his personality 😊 When I was at Magic Con in 2017, I watched almost all of the panels and I loved every single one with Tom! I found him hilarious and even though I am in no way any patriot, I have to admit my heart jumped with joy hearing about his Czech origins 😅😅 So when he was announced for WCC, I was really tempted to buy the photo voucher since I quite regreted not taking a photo with him at Magic Con 😅😅 So later when Andrew was cancelled once again, I knew immediately which voucher I was going to get as an exchange first 😂😂 #TomWlaschiha #WarsawComicCon #GameOfThrones #GOT #CrossingLines

Aug 2019

Considering I have been to Warsaw three times already, I really think it’s high time I finally posted some other photos than only the ones of Palac Kultury 😅😅😅 Don’t ask me why I didn’t do that earlier, I don’t know myself 🙈🙈 Since I only visit Warsaw for the Comic Con, I never have enough time to do the proper sightseeing tour including some of the museums 😕 I always keep telling myself that I really need to visit Warsaw outside WCC, but I never have time or money to do that 😭 Most of the photos were taken during my first visit, because of course I wanted to see as much as I could 😅 But now I usually only have time to visit the historic centre, since the guest list of WCC is getting better with every edition 🙈 Also this time I was accompanied by @petulkax .x, so I finally had somebody to go with me to the restaurant and try the traditional pierogi! 😍 And holy crap, guys, I don’t want to eat anything else once I am back in Poland, it was so fucking delicious!! 🤤🤤🤤 #Warsaw #Warszava #Poland #Polska #StareMiasto #ZamekKrólewski #PalacKultury #PalacPrezydencki #PalacKrasinskich #WarsawUprisingMonument #Barbakan

Aug 2019

AVANTASIA, transfer day Charlotte, North Carolina, USA 🇺🇸 Many people would consider a 16 hours transfer for connecting flight unacceptable ... For me however, this was the perfect chance to visit Charlotte, because I don’t think I would visit North Carolina unless I ever went on my dream American roadtrip visiting all States 😅 I have to admit that this transfer is also one of the reasons why I decided to do this whole US stop, because seeing another part of America in one trip just sounds like the best deal ever 😂😂 Of course I only had few hours to explore Charlotte, so I did not see that much 😅 But since I love the structure of American cities, walking the streets of Charlotte was simply enough for me ❤️ ... Also I spent two hours in Target, but let's not talk about that 😂😂😂 It was devastating for me to leave the States again, especially after such a short stay 😔 Once again I have to say how much I loved being back in America, no words can describe how much I enjoyed my stay there ... Well, okay, apart from being hit by car, that was pretty scary 🙈🙈🙈 Thanks, North Carolina! 😅😅 So once again I have to thank to Avantasia for making me to do this amazing trip, because without this band I would never know how cheap some flights to the USA are! Some even come with amazing transfers like this one ❤️ Now that I know I don’t need hundreds of Euros to book the flight, I promised myself to be back in the United States of America as soon as I can 😍🇺🇸 #RomareBeardenPark #Charlotte #CharlotteNC #NorthCarolina #USA #UnitedStates #Avantasia #MoonglowTour

Aug 2019

AVANTASIA stop nr. 18 Chicago, Illinois, USA 🇺🇸 IT SERIOUSLY HAPPENED! My first ever show in the States! I mean, 70k doesn't count since more than a half of people there were Germans anyway 😂 I had no idea what to expect so HOLY SHIT this was a hell of a surprise! It was hands down the best show of the tour! 😱😍 The crowd was the most amazing one I've ever experienced, the atmosphere was simply magical. They were SO grateful because they barely get a glimpse of shows that our TINY Czech Republic gets... Of course I realise how fucking far these guys have to travel every time they want to see a show but hearing their stories fully opened my eyes! When you hear a guy say that last time he saw Edguy was in 2009, it really makes you think! But Avantasia delivered EVERYTHING those guys deserved and even more! 💪🏻 I was convinced nobody will notice me since anyone apart from Herbie knew I was coming, so they didn't expect me there 😅 But to my big surprise everybody noticed me, even Tobi! 😱 He pointed at me with a smile during The Raven Child 🙈 Also the look on Sascha’s face when he saw me in the crowd! 😂 The surprise was real 😂 Since I was standing right in front of him, he noticed me basically all the time 😅 Ronnie noticed me immediately and sang to me very often 😍 Jorn pointed at me with a smile ❤️ And when Eric saw me, he came closer to sing to me, but he tipped over a speaker and almost fell down 🙈 I got a smile from Geoff and when Herbie sang Shelter from the Rain, he came to me and gestured that I was completely crazy 😂 BUT it was Bob who made me shit my pants ❤️😍 As always he noticed me immediately, blew me two kisses, waved at me about billion times and even crossed to stage just to say “Hi” to me into the microphone 😂 But then when they sang Seven Angels, he BROUGHT THE DUCK I GAVE HIM IN HIS POCKET, TOOK IT OUT AND WAVED AT ME WITH IT FOR THE WHOLE SONG!! 🙈🙈 I died, that was the cuttest thing ever 😂 He made faces at the duck again and “quacked” at Sascha and Eric! 😂😂 I love this guy so much, he knows how to appreciate a gift!! ❤️😍 #Avantasia #MoonglowTour #Chicago #USA #UnitedStates #Illinois

Aug 2019

AVANTASIA stop nr. 18 Chicago, Illinois, USA 🇺🇸 When I wrote that seeing Avantasia in Barcelona was the craziest thing I've ever done, I had no idea that my wildest dream, the ultimate crazy ass idea will actually work out. When I came back from Chicago in January, I dreamed of coming back there for Avantasia, but I knew it was never going to happen. I was hoping that at least I will be able to return to Chicago one day ... Not in a year, not in five years, just one day ... But what first started as a meaningless wish I mentioned while talking to Sascha later turned into something absolutely surreal. The thought was always there, in my head, the whole time ... But once I said it out loud, there was no way back. I checked the flights and I could not believe my own eyes! The flights were SO CHEAP compared to what I thought it was going to cost! I would never believe you can actually fly to America under 600 Euros ... I did my calculation and realised that I CAN actually afford to do this trip ... Anything could stop me from that moment, I booked the flights immediately knowing I am probably the ONLY person in the whole world who decided to visit the Unites States of America only for THREE DAYS! Yes. Three days. Two days in Chicago and one day of trasfer in Charlotte, NC. All by myself ... BUT IT WAS MORE THAN FUCKING WORTH IT! I honestly can't even describe how fucking awesome it felt to be back in the USA!! ❤️ Returning to Chicago made me realise how fucking much I love this city, and I have to admit that it has became one of my favourite cities in the world! ❤️ So yeah, the decision to travel to America for three days only to see Avantasia might be the most fucked up idea I ever made happen but even if everything went to shit, just walking the streets of Chicago felt so damn good so I would NEVER regret doing this anyway! Also my biggest thanks belongs to @leandro .da.pia.nascimento, who did everything to make sure I enjoyed my first US show to the fullest! 😊 It was pleasure to meet you and I hope we well see each other one day again! 😊 #Avantasia #MoonglowTour #Chicago #USA #UnitedStates #Illinois

Aug 2019

AVANTASIA stop nr. 17 Budapest, Hungary 🇭🇺 Seriously, whoever planned an open air in the beginning of May should be fired 😑😑😑 This was the shittiest weather I've ever experienced on an open air, it was raining the whole day and it was only 7 degrees during the show!! 😑😑 I would never believe that I will ever have to wear a jacket for the concert! 😑😑 It was so obvious that the band hated this weather, too, especially Tobi!! 😑 However apart from the weather and the band looking absolutely frozen, everybody enjoyed the show anyway 😅 Olli smiled at us even before the show as he was crossing the stage from side to side 😅 As always, Sascha noticed us almost all the time and also Ronnie was looking at as very often, singing to us constantly ❤️ Even Eric and Geoff noticed us once again and Jorn also pointed at me 😍 We also got a shout out when Tobi was naming all the flags he saw in the front row 😂 And of course Bob noticed me all the time, he greeted me, waved at me and pointed at me all the time, as always ❤️ At the end of the show, I wanted to give Tobi the rainbow duck, but of course he didn't look at me at all, so I decided to throw the duck to Bob 😅 I knew it was the best idea I've ever had immediately, because he picked the duck up and fooled around with it for minutes! 😂 He made faces on it, pretended to kiss it, qucked at us, waved at me with it and simply looked genuinely happy that he also got a gift ❤️ *Oh, and by the way, of course this photo was not taken during our rainy stay, this is a photo from our pravious trip to Budapest in October last year 😅 Unfortunatelly I had absolutely zero photos from this Avantasia stop 🙈 #Budapest #BudapestParliament #Hungary #Avantasia #MoonglowTour

Jun 2019

AVANTASIA stop nr. 16 Stockholm, Sweden 🇸🇪 Another absolutely awesome thing about Sweden is that the crowd is basically only filled with musicians, so bumping into someone famous is almost inevitable 😅😅 At first I couldn't believe my own eyes, so I had to take a second look if the guy in front of me really was Tommy! 😅😅 It took me about 30 minutes to ask him for this photo, because I was so bloody shy to interrupt his conversation with his friends 🙈🙈 My massive thanks belongs to @mehrsenf because without him I would never have this photo 😅😅🙈🙈 I also saw Patrik Selleby from Bloodbound, but I didn't ask for a photo or even approach him, I though it would be weird since he already remembers me 😅😅 Also basically almost whole Pretty Maids were there 😂😂 So yeah, another reason to attend shows in Sweden more regularly 😂😂😂 I also met Herbie again and I got a long hug ❤️ Once again he made sure to tell me how fucking crazy I was and even told everybody around that I was doing 17 Avantasia shows! 🙈 I can't even describe how I love this guy! 😅😍❤️ Eric was also around, but he was pretty much drunk and already talking with other fans, so I didn't want to bother him 😅 #TommyKarevik #Kamelot #Stockholm #Sweden #Sverige #Avantasia #MoonglowTour

Jun 2019

AVANTASIA stop nr. 16 Stockholm, Sweden 🇸🇪 Once we already decided for Barcelona, the Stockholm show was a must 😅 Neither of these two shows was planned in advance, so we had to make everything work in a hurry 🙈 But in the end everything worked out perfectly and Stockholm turned out one of my favourite destinations for concerts! 😍 People are so polite there and the queue was basically non-existent until about an hour before the door opened 😅 Also NOBODY run to the stage, I've never experienced such a peaceful entry for a huge band like Avantasia 😅 And holy fucking hell, THE ATMOSPHERE!!!! 😱 London was still probably a bit better when it comes to singing lyrics since it's their own language, but otherwise Stockholm was much louder! 😱😍 The only thing that really sucked was the stupid catwalk 😑 We ended up right in front of it and it was pretty much a shit spot 😔 The band was so far away from us and they barely used the catwalk, so I could see an utter shit 🙈 Once again the show was an absolute perfection, Ronnie was looking and smiling at us and singing to us constantly once again! 😍 Also Jorn pointed at us and Geoff also noticed us 😊 I think Bob didn't see us this time, though, because he only used the catwalk once or twice and the light was way too fucking bright 🙈 I think the light was one of the main reasons why most of the singers barely looked at us in the front row in front of the catwalk, it was seriously blinding 🙈 At the end of the show Eric noticed us eventually, pointed at us and waved 😅 Also Sascha noticed us and waved, but of course he never walked the catwalk with the guitar 😅 Tobi didn't notice us at all during the whole show, he never looked into the front row, that's why I was so sure the light was too blinding for him to see us 😅 But HOLY FUCK how wrong I was about that!! At the end of the show he came right in front of me, sang into my eyes FOR EVER, I think it was the whole chorous of The Seven angels, then SMILED AND GAVE ME THUMBS UP! 😱😱 I completely died at that moment, I was so shocked I wasn't even able to give him the duck 🙈🙈 So I brought it home once again 🙈🙈 #Stockholm #Sweden #Sverige #Avantasia #MoonglowTour

Jun 2019

AVANTASIA stop nr. 15 Barcelona, Spain 🇪🇸 What first started as a joke turned out as the craziest thing I’ve ever done in my life 🙈 Barcelona was NOT planned at all, we literally bought tickets days before the show 😂 So yeah, this is what happens when you miss a band so badly you simply can’t survive waiting two weeks for your last show in Budapest 😅😅🙈 We had no idea what to expect from Spanish crowd, I’ve never been to Spain before, so the whole experience was one big pleasant surprise 😍 The people were AMAZING, so kind and nice, I’ve never experienced such a warm welcome in the queue ❤️ Also we knew the trip was worth it right from the start, because when the truck with stage arrived to Razzmatazz, the driver waved at us 😂 Also when the band arrived for a soundcheck, Herbie waved at us, too 😍 Unfortunatelly not everything was perfect in Barlcelona 😔 The stage was so fucking tall I could see shit even from the first row 😑 During the concert I started to feel really sick because of my diabetes, so half of the show is a blur for me 😔 Also it was fucking hot and we had almost no water, because one bottle of 330 ml was 3 fucking Euros!! But the Avantasia show was epic as always! ❤️ Ronnie was looking at us constanty, it almost felt like a private show once again! 😱 Even Jorn noticed us and waved at us, Eric saw us there, too, and also Geoff noticed us once again 😊 But the most precious was Bob, he waved at me hundreds of times, pointed at me all the time and even said "Hello, baby!" into the microphone, waving at me! 🙈🙈 I love this guy so much 😍😂😂
Adrienne also waved at us from the stage and Sascha was noticing us all the time as always 😂 Only Tobi didn't notice me at all once again, so I couldn't give him the duck 🙈🙈 After the show we met Adrienne once again, got hugs and talked a bit 😊 Unfortunetally we had absolutely no time to do any sightseeing, these are seriously the only sights I’ve seen during this trip! 🙈🙈 I really need to come back there for some proper sightseeing!! 🙈🙈🙈 #Barcelona #Spain #SagradaFamilia #ArcDeTriomf #LaMonumental #Avantasia #MoonglowTour