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« I don’t make anything. I make everything »-Corporate. Hollyweird. Hardwear Beauty YouTube Link ⬇️

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2 days ago

I’m constantly inspired by creators that are turning our present into a better future. Thanks @coinbase for the quick lesson on how crypto is changing money into a tool that can break barriers for those who need economic freedom. Can’t wait to see where this all goes and how we can use crypto to help. This is the way the world uses crypto. #Coinbase #MoreThanMoney So easy to manage I’m doing it from the makeup chair 🙌🏻 #coinbasepartner

2 weeks ago

“I love this dog. He is a very complete dog...he moves like a dream.” -Eduardo Paris After his bull dog beat out 193 breeds.... #bestinshow I sometimes think I love dogs more than humans and then a quote like this comes around from a human about a dog...and I have to re-think my preferences...

3 weeks ago

Im so grateful for ‘This is the End’ on American Thanksgiving in South African Cape Town with these popcorn and chocolate eaters @carlitosway89 @thomascocquerel

3 weeks ago

Well... Logan and Carlito are excited about their first day of school tmrw... Given that Thom and I got held back a year... nottttt so much 🤓 #capetownfools

last month

Really just covering crusted right eye 🥳 👍🏻You know I’m really sick when my lump of a body is waking up before my alarm 🤯

last month

Spots and Stripes go hand in hand 💥 @cornellskop @cornellskopfarm is a unique place indeed - they don’t sedate these animals roaming, they have a luscious large space to roam, and through time and patience, they know these animals and are providing the best life rescuing many of them from devastating situations. Thanks for letting us experience the roar of this Rocket ; ); ) (also name of cheetah )

last month

Immunity shot with a view ❤️

last month

#tb to my brother belaying me for the first time - good times - wish he was on my next adventure! @sin_noticias_de_ryan

last month

@thegentlebarn needs our help if u are in the Santa Clarita area go to 15825 Sierra hwy if u have a vehicle and contact @thegentlebarn if u have an additional place for these animals to go

last month

Y’all blow me away with your drawing talents- I have negative zero- and give me flawless skin that I wish I had😍😂 @samiso_sonia_art #teenwolf

last month

Last night, in front of loved ones, I married Tacos 🌮 💍 wedding🧥 thank you @thealist .us @madewell 📸 @coltonlhaynes

last month

Let the game begin. #EscapeRoom2 in theaters 2020.

Oct 2019

Heaven found me in @scribnerslodge - excited for @olivela fireside chat tonight 🏔 🏕 talking about my trip to Jordan with @careorg @olivela #destinationolivela #olivelaxcare

Oct 2019

JUST SAW @carebears collab with @careorg @forfansxfans and saw the REFUGEE bear. 36 bears in all with 36 different people creating their bear everyone from @spaceykacey “Earth Magic” to @the_real_iman “Diversity Bear” to @sophiabush “Justice Bear” different artists creating different bears with topics important to them ❤️ YOU CAN BID on these BEARS!! On the charity eBay site - LINK IN BIO!!! ALL THE PROCEEDS GO TO @careorg for more info on all the bears and behind the scenes videos go to: https://www.forfansbyfans.com/feature/care-bears-international-day-of-the-girl.html

Oct 2019

With 70 million refugees in the world, I wanted to create Refugee Bear. She inspires us to remember that every refugee seeks a better life free from harm. From resources that fund education, psychological care, food, water, and medical services, there are numerous ways we can help those impacted by war and violence. I recently traveled to visit Syrian refugees in Jordan, where I saw firsthand the transformative power of empathy and generosity. It is my hope that Refugee Bear inspires you to find a way to help those in need. @careorg @carebears @olivela #internationaldayofthegirl #safefromthestartact Join us tmrw if you are in the nyc area for a fireside chat about our trip! 2:00pm-3:00pm Tomorrow: ) Showfields 11 Bond St New York, NY 10012 United States Eventbrite link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/celebrate-international-day-of-the-girl-with-care-olivela-holland-roden-tickets-75346717059 This link also in bio to bid! https://www.ebay.com/e/charity/carebears-x-care

Oct 2019

If you are in the NYC area come see us this Saturday! Location: SHOWFIELDS 11 Bond Street New York, NY 10012 Door opens at 2pm and The Fireside Chat starts at 2:30pm with @olivela x @careorg for INTERNATIONAL DAY OF THE GIRL (which is tmrw ). I will be talking about my trip to Jordan with @olivela and there will be custom @careorg @carebears auctioned off along with- as always- @olivela products where 20% of the proceeds go directly sending more Syrian Refugee girls to school❤️ 132 in two years and counting 🙌🏻

Oct 2019

Did more sleeping than planned but 33 we are ready : ) thank you for the birthday wishes ❤️

Oct 2019

If you think you have an idea of what you are walking into- you don’t. A play by many names. I saw this last week and it’s taken me time to gather my thoughts in posting about it. I don’t know if we are ever ready for theatre like this but perhaps that’s the point.. to quote the @nytimes « The singe most daring thing I have seen in a theater in a very long time » Making its way from Off Broadway to Broadway- Broadway audiences will have two hours that will linger for a lifetime. The amount of layers @jeremyoharris , #robertohara , the cast, and production create... I just simply want to say: no matter how uncomfortable- see it. Every time you think you have been turned too many times they will turn you one more and thus more will unexpectedly be revealed. Unlike anything I have ever seen on a stage that is a tough must see. @slaveplaybway (and most definitely for adults only )

Oct 2019

ASA keelboat certified ❤️ ⛵️ First step to many more certifications 🙌🏻👍🏻 103,104,114 bound @marinasailingofficial

Sep 2019

TEXT WEDAY TO 26797 To REGISTER TO VOTE! @iamavoter @wemovement @jonathansimkhai

Sep 2019

About to go on stage to discuss @iamavoter at @wemovement !! Go to we.org to watch the live webcast. And text WEDAY to 26797 to register, pre-register or pledge to vote! Thank you @jonathansimkhai for this incredible shirt! #iamavoter

Sep 2019

#nationalvoterregistrationday @iamavoter Today on National Voter Registration Day, text VOTER to 26797 to make sure you are registered to vote and to receive important election information. #iamavoter 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

Sep 2019

We Day @wemovement is an arena sized event that brings together world-renowned speakers, performers, actors, athletes, global leaders, and local heroes alongside tens of thousands of students- celebrating the power of young people making difference in the world. Best part is you can’t buy a ticket - people have earned a ticket by participating in we school service learning programs❤️Excited to see all of your hard working, inspirational, beautiful faces there! Honored to be repping @iamavoter #ungaweek

Sep 2019

New Do Boo 👻