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16 hours ago

*TRIGGER WARNING* Hey hey, this song has been a work in progress for almost 3 months now. This song is so near and dear to my heart because it something that I’ve struggled with a few years ago, and that I know society of struggling with right now. A few months ago I read a statistic and how many teen suicides there are in a year it absolutely destroyed my heart. This song talks about how God is still faithful and he is still good even in those hard times and how no matter how you feel and the thoughts you’re having you can overcome them with the love & power of Jesus Christ. I really pray & hope this reaches someone of you who have these thoughts or have been affected by someone taking there life. God is so good even through the toughest of times and he is still working even when you don’t believe it. Love y’all.

1 weeks ago

- alexa, play we are family -

4 weeks ago

See you soon 2020. P.S. my hairs black✌🏻

5 weeks ago

- Alexa, play have yourself a merry little christmas -

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- Baby it’s cold outside -

last month

- 50% idk, 50% idc -

Oct 2019

-Myc- • • A time to praise Jesus and stay up way to late.

Jul 2019

-I’m walking on Sunshine-