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4 weeks ago

Well after an entire decade if hardships we finally made it, we made it to the 20's it's insane of what can happen in a decade but i think I've reached to the point to where i can say im happy and im grateful that im living, you all have been apart of my journey and it's not even the end of chapter 1 we still got alot more pages to write so thank u all for everything including the birthday wishes,the Christmas thanks,and beaing thankful for everything, im proud of who i am so let's make some moves this year because ik i will 2020 BABY HERE WE COME!!!!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻

Nov 2019

I BE A BULLDOG WHO BE U?!?!?!?!?🐾💚🐾💚🐾💚🐾💚🐾💚🐾💚🐾💚🐾💚🐾💚

Sep 2019

My Homegirl for Life😎😎😊😊😘😘

Aug 2019

I'm really loving this brand so im hooking you up with an @halifornia discount use my promo code AA88244320 for 20% off @halifornia 😎😎🌴🌴

Jul 2019

I honestly dont even know how to start this but 1 month ago I was just sitting next to my dog and just playing around with each other and then the next thing you know Im carrying him to the vet and making sure he never has to suffer ever again.This little guy......my little brother couldn't suffer anymore and I had to watch him drift off to sleep as I stood their crying next to him knowing that I'll never see him again but I'm never gonna forget someone as special as him and there will never be another dog like you but thank you for beaing in my life,and thank you for always beaing there when no one else was there to talk to me I'll never forget you Lucky,I love you buddy🐶🐕🐾🐾🕊🕊🕊💔💔💝...........

Jun 2019

I had such an amazing year with everyone and I cant wait for sophomore year Ik alot of people say it's like the worst year yet but i want to make it the best year yet I'm gonna miss some amazing people I've met throughout the year but ik we're meet up someday and whatever beef we had throughout the year I want to forget about it and let's just make some money and move on with our lives TRIMBLE TECH FOR LIFE!!!!!!🐾🐾🐾💯💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥

May 2019

This woman is my life #happymothersday ❤️ #1mom

Apr 2019

On some real shit🍾🍾🍾😂😂😂

Apr 2019

Bro I legit look happy for once😂😂😂

Mar 2019

I'm back to posting now aqf

Mar 2019

Mar 2019

You see this woman this was always my 1 # debbie I love you but she was always at the time dont think I forgot about you aleria I love both of you okay and I will do everything I can to make you two happy

Feb 2019

Feb 2019

Lol this pic makes my day🤣🤣🤣🤣

Feb 2019

No caption needed lol

Feb 2019

Just something to post lol

Dec 2018

Dec 2018