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5 days ago

“what a special feeling, to be lost so close to home.” 🖤

6 days ago

living in LA, being constantly compared to others, and constantly comparing yourself to others can be draining. i’ve never been “classically” beautiful. my body doesn’t fit “ideal” beauty standards, my nose is bigger than any model’s you’ll see in a magazine, i don’t have perfect proportions or facial symmetry. over the years, i’ve dealt with a lot of insecurities... and i’ve changed a lot of them. but i almost crossed a line that i wasn’t comfortable with: i almost got liposuction. i don’t see anything wrong with it inherently, but it wasn’t something *i* wanted. it was something i was told to want. i documented it, thinking i was filming a video showing the process and results. what it ended up being was a realization that i still had a lot of inner work to do to accept and love my body. link is in bio. - i believe everyone should be able to change anything they want judgment free to feel more secure and confident, but you should do it because YOU want it, not because someone else is telling you you need to. you’re beautiful.

2 weeks ago

posting this pic rn but i’m currently kneeling over a toilet seat waiting for the vom to come bc migraines don’t come to play. so there’s a lil instagram v reality for ya 🙃hey i’ve been vlogmasing on my second channel! link in my story!

2 weeks ago

every dollar that my friendsgiving video makes (link in bio! ) goes to feeding the hungry. please, if you can, watch without skipping the ads. there’s also a “donate” button on the bottom right of my video where you can make your own donation! every single dollar helps! - i live a very comfortable, happy life with shelter, loved ones, and food to put on the table. it hasn’t always been that way. growing up, we sometimes relied on government assistance, food banks, free lunches at school and day camps, and the kindness of others to eat. even then, the food was often processed and lacking nutrition. making healthy food accessible is something i’m very passionate about and have been trying to figure out for a while. it’s a lot to unpack, but for now, let’s just get as many people fed for the holidays as possible. thank you for watching, sharing, and/or donating 🖤 more info on the organization in the description of the video!

3 weeks ago

MY PODCAST IS NOW LIVE! LINK IN BIO! this is the intro episode where we just spill a little tea & answer some of your questions, but as we go we’re going to be taking suggestions and questions from you! this podcast is about US (you guys ) and the world we live in. make sure to follow us on socials @boftpod to join the conversation!

3 weeks ago

this may seem like a super cute lovey friend pic but that’s mango sorbet on that spoon and irene knows i’m allergic to mango and my throat is closing but it’s okay because i’ll die surrounded by people i love i guess

3 weeks ago

this bomb ass selfie made possible by my $18,000 makeover. on my channel now! go check it out and comment “ur still ugly on the inside.” 💉👄🦷👃🏼

4 weeks ago

listen ya’ll. i get it. YOU GET IT, i have a boyfriend. and i’m truly sorry for all the bf spam. but i’ve never, even before i was “on” social media, been open and public about who i was dating. but i just can’t fuckin help it. i’ve never been with someone that made me scream from the rooftops about him. and i met that person. so this is me, screaming. I HAVE 28 YEARS OF BEING PUBLICLY SINGLE TO MAKE UP FOR LET ME BE HAPPY PLZ. lmao 😂

4 weeks ago

never has a vision of mine come together quite as perfectly as this one. i’ve watched this 40 million times and plan on watching 40 million more. join me! link in bio 🔪🖤

4 weeks ago

last night celebrating the release of broken girls (link in bio! ) was so incredible. i rarely get the chance to get so many people i love into one room, but when i do, it’s always the best time. so much of my life lately has been laughter and smiles, and it’s thanks to these people. every day i’m reminded of my blessings, and every day i thank God for everything that’s brought me here. thank you so much to all my friends, new and old, who made it out last night to share in my excitement 🖤 many more to come! ☺️ @rockandreillys

4 weeks ago

BROKEN GIRLS MUSIC VIDEO IS OUT NOW 🔪 LINK IN BIO 🖤 i know i say this every time but... this is the GREATEST thing i’ve ever done. my goal in life is to perpetually outdo myself, and i believe i did. i’m so fucking passionate about this shit, and watching you guys pick out all the little easter eggs and callbacks makes me next level happy. thank you for noticing all the detail that i put into my projects and for caring as much as i do. now STOP READING THIS AND GO WATCH IT [again]. THANK U FOR EVERYTHING, FOREVER. FOREVERYTHING? 🔪🖤

4 weeks ago

TOMORROW’S THE DAY, BROKEN GIRLS MUSIC VIDEO! guys, i have put so much time, love, energy (and money ) into this video and it is without a doubt the most epic thing i’ve ever done. each day i wake up and realize more and more that this is my calling, everything i’ve ever done has led up to this point, pursuing music. it’s the only option for me. i truly feel this video could be a major step in proving my artistry to the world, and i CANNOT wait to show you what the fuck i did 😌 as always, thank you for your continued support. 11am PST babes, see ya there.

5 weeks ago

i know i just posted a picture of my man for the first time in my entire career so this is kinda awkward but broken girls november 16, 11am PST lolol sorry babe

last month

BROKEN GIRLS 🔪 november 16 🖤 11am PST, SET THE ALARM, DO IT.

last month

taking a break from the broken girls spam (jk broken girls november 16, 11am PST! ) because i can’t stop staring at this picture so now you can, too. if y’all know me, you know i don’t ever post about who i’m dating, but this man is too fucking perfect to not share. thank you for making me laugh my ass off literally every moment of every day 🥰

last month

BROKEN GIRLS 🔪 november 16 🖤 11am PST. SET YA ALARMS!

last month

BROKEN GIRLS 🔪 november 16 🖤

last month


last month

BROKEN GIRLS 🔪 NOVEMBER 16 🖤 set your alarms! (in the meantime my video is up now where i decorated my living room and it’s SICK! link in bio! )

last month

broken girls music video 🔪 november 16 🖤 set your alarms 🎶 you’re not gonna wanna miss this one ☠️

last month

BROKEN GIRLS MUSIC VIDEO, NOVEMBER 16!! SET YOUR ALARMS!! i know i always say this but.. this is... the best yet. biggest. baddest. best looks. best imagery. dark. bright. exciting. read: expensive so PLEASE WATCH!!!! 😂 hey fr tho. this shit is my passion and i’m so fucking grateful to be able to do this. music is the only option for me, the only way i can be fully happy, so thank you for caring and for making me happy. NOV 16 NOV 16 NOV 16!!!!!!!

last month

*swipe right!* had one of the happiest days yesterday performing my music at @patreon assembly with my best friends in the audience. not that i could ever forget, but it’s such a good feeling to be reminded that this is what i’m meant to be doing. i got to premiere two new never before heard songs last night, and the response from you guys has been amazing :, ) thank you as always for supporting me in my music journey and for being as passionate as i am about my projects! so much more to come 🎤 special thanks to @ellimoore for the backing vocals and @sileoquartet for making these insane arrangements to my songs! i’m very VERY grateful! - for extra music content and exclusive Q&As, photos, videos & more, check out patreon.com/gabbiehanna 🖤 - 📸: @_jadeddd

last month

there’s no stoppin’ me 👊🏼🎤 freddie mercury is my all time music inspiration. queen has been my favorite since i was a kid. some of my earliest memories are stomping around in my mom’s heels singing “another ones bites the dust!” and pretending to pop wheelies yelling “i want to ride my bicycle i want to ride my bike!” outside of being the vocalist and writer of at least 3 lifetimes, he was the pinnacle of self-expression and blind self-confidence. he knew what he wanted, and regardless of what anyone told him, he knew it was his. i love you forever, freddie. you’re my hero. happy halloween! #halloweencostume #halloweenmakeup #halloween2019

last month

i don’t have a cute halloween costume picture because i spent my weekend preparing for and shooting the BROKEN GIRLS music video! i’ve been dreaming of this video for a YEAR since i wrote the song and i could CRY and how amazing the shoot went! everything went just as i envisioned it, my looks were SICKENING, the cinematography and lighting are STUNNING, and i cannot wait to see how it turns out! COMING IN NOVEMBER!!! please subscribe and turn on your notifs to know when she’s here!! 🔪💝