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2 days ago

a magical sunset in Hawaii with my boys. 🥰 Take me back!!!

1 weeks ago


2 weeks ago

Flynn doesn’t want to share.

2 weeks ago

Flynn looks miserable, but I promise he’s having fun. 🏝😃🌺 New Hawaii vlog up on YouTube!

2 weeks ago

Waitress closes on Broadway today and I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude for my experience at the diner. What an incredibly beautiful show. Everything about my short run in Waitress was magical. The music, the story, the lyrics, the fans, and oh my god the most incredible cast of people I’ve ever known. I learned something and grew as a person every day on stage. I could go on and on about everything this show means to me but there’s just too much to say. I listened to this show when it first came out and related to dawn and dreamt of being able to bring her to life some day. I listened to the soundtrack when I was pregnant and wept hearing lyrics that could explain how I felt but couldn’t articulate. I listened to this soundtrack and sobbed after I gave birth to my son and heard the lyrics “i was lost for you to find. and now i’m yours and you are mine...I swear I’ll remember to say we were both born today.” I listened to the soundtrack right after I got the role of dawn and wept in disbelief that my childhood dream of being on Broadway was finally coming true. and today I’m listening to the soundtrack and have so many tears of gratitude for this show and the impact it has had on my life. Goodbye Waitress. Thank you for all of the tears, smiles, laughter and lessons you have brought to so many people all over the world. #MayWeAllBeSoLucky

2 weeks ago

We made it to Hawaii for our big family vacation and OMG IM SO HAPPYYYY! just uploaded a new video that i think you might like! Link in my bio. 💕

2 weeks ago

this guy right here is a good one. i can always count on @joeygraceffa for a fun night, a good laugh, a shoulder to cry on, and a crazy adventure in an escape room. Thanks for being one of the most caring, loving, genuine friends i’ve ever had. Also, thanks for still being my friend when i stupidly try to solve a puzzle by turning myself into a human pretzel upside-down on the floor of a underwater prison or when i aggressively rip tags out of my nasa suit and get angry at the clues i don’t understand in space.

3 weeks ago


3 weeks ago

out of my comfort zone in the middle of nowhere for a bit.

3 weeks ago

one of my favorite moments of 2019. 🥰

4 weeks ago

Okay, I know Christmas is over but MY HOLIDAY SPIRIT IS STILL THRIVING because my amazing friend @jimcaruso1 put out a holiday album this year and it’s amazing! I hate myself for not posting this sooner but you should all go get it right now and support one of the most supportive, talented, wonderful people i’ve ever been lucky enough to know. Listen to the album and start getting excited for the holidays in 2020!🎄

4 weeks ago

we wanted a christmas photo of all of us smiling...but honestly, this is so much better. Merry Christmas everyone!

4 weeks ago

i just uploaded a video trying on a ton of cheap/weird wedding dresses I found on Amazon. This was SO FUN. I tried on 12 dresses in the video and I want you all to tell me your favorite one in the comments! link in my bio. 👰🏻

4 weeks ago

had my final performance of the decade last night in a theater i used to see musicals in when i was in college. i auditioned for a few shows here back in the day (never got in anything lol ) so it felt surreal and kind of magical to perform my one woman show to a sold out audience of internet friends so many years later. i can’t thank you guys enough for supporting me and allowing me to do what i love most for over 10 years. I started off this decade performing anywhere and everywhere i could as i developed my one woman show and i finished the decade on stage with my son in my arms. i feel so grateful to all of you and in shock that somehow i’m still lucky enough to do what i love with the people i love most. thank you. 💕🤱🏻🎶💄🎭

5 weeks ago

caught red handed..... literally.

5 weeks ago

i forced them to do this.

last month

One of our favorite things to do for date night is stay home and cook dinner together. Lately we have been trying to make healthier choices and tonight we are cooking our new favorite entree - @CAULIPOWER Chicken Tenders. They are made with Real premium chicken with a crunchy cauliflower-packed coating and they are the ONLY baked (not fried ) chicken tender in the freezer aisle and just 490 calories for the WHOLE bag! Erik loves that they are so healthy, but I just love that they taste freakin' delicious. #NoCluckinWay #CAULIPOWER #DateNight #CAULIPOWERPartner

last month

i have a weird job.

last month

impromptu date night in my hometown with my lovey. 💕

last month

It’s Flynn’s First Birthday! It has been the most wonderful, beautiful, exciting, exhausting, stressful, emotional, happy year of my entire life. So grateful to this little guy for teaching me more than I ever thought I could learn about life. He is magic. I’m getting really sappy on my instastory right now so go check it out if you get bored. Happy Birthday Flynn! I love you forever and ever sweet boy!

last month

Flynn’s first Birthday party was so much fun! He turns 1 on Tuesday but we celebrated today! Can’t wait for you all to all to see the video of his puppy paw-ty later this week! 🐶

last month

these photos are a perfect example of my relationship with my cat.

last month

Get your tickets to see me on tour before they sell out! (they make good christmas gifts! 😉 ) mirandasings.com!

last month

This photo of my nephew is the only picture i took today and it sums up my Thanksgiving perfectly. what an awesome day with my family. so grateful for this beautiful life. 🥰