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4 days ago

PRO TIP: Do not buy toys for babies. They only want to play with remotes, iPhones, and spatulas.

5 days ago

I’ve been traveling a lot the last few months. Switching between time zones and running around after a 9 month old mountain goat has left me feeling pretty exhausted. We’ve had some epic adventures and made some incredible memories, but the lack of sleep has definitely taken a toll on my body and I’m a little out of whack. It’s been really important for me to track my cycle with my @avawomen bracelet, so that I have a clear picture of what’s going on with my body. It lets me know when my sleep quality is poor, or when my physiological stress levels are increased. Your cycle also impacts your moods, ability to focus, and even your workouts. Of course, Ava is amazing for women trying to conceive, but it goes so far beyond that. I really believe that every woman would benefit from tracking their cycle. For the next 30 days, Ava will be donating $20 of every sale purchased with code ‘AUSTRALIA’ to the Australian fire relief efforts. When I asked them if they would consider making a donation, they didn’t hesitate. Just another reason why I’m so proud to be partners with @avawomen . #AvaPartner #ClairexAva If you’d also like to make your own donation, please consider: @redcrossau @wireswildliferescue @salvosau @wildlifewarriorsworldwide

2 weeks ago

It took my sister 3 years, but she finally got me a gift that makes me feel seen.

2 weeks ago

MY EVERYTHING (alternate caption: 2 dudes in a dutch oven )

2 weeks ago

I feel like my feed is a little heavy on the family content so here’s a photo of me and a bowl of queso dip. Have a great day!

5 weeks ago

Beach bums

last month

I’m not pregnant.

last month

My koala met a roo

last month

Andy refuses to take off his Akubra and JJ keeps calling everyone mate. Happy Holidays from Australia! ❤️🎄

last month

Do you think he’ll like me more than his dad if I gift my account to him?

last month

We’re so thankful to have this little guy in our lives, but navigating life as a mama has definitely had its ups and downs. Understanding and nurturing my body during this new chapter has been so beneficial. My @avawomen bracelet has really helped me to understand what’s going on for me physically and mentally throughout the month, especially now that my cycle has returned. This bracelet is such an amazing resource to women throughout the fertility journey. From trying to conceive, to navigating pregnancy, and feeling back to normal postpartum. Ava monitors physiological parameters in your body while you sleep and uses that data to tell you where you are in your cycle in real time. Our bodies are truly incredible. Learn more at avawomen.com and use code CLAIREHOLT for $20 off. (Makes a great gift for the holidays too 😉 ) #ClaireXAva #avapartner

last month

It was an honor to represent @stjude at the #DestinationOlivela brunch in Miami. I’m a huge fan of @olivela because of their commitment to give back. They’ve pledged up to a million dollars to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital this holiday season - such a generous donation will help so many children battling cancer, as well as their families. If you sign up, Olivela will donate $5 to St Jude on your behalf. You can find the link in my bio. ❤️

last month

Hey kid please just act like you’re into this for 5 mins I’m begging you....

Nov 2019

BRB just gotta die real quick

Nov 2019

Pretty special day for me today. I’M GOING TO BE A VOTER!

Nov 2019

m a d h a t t e r @shotbymai

Nov 2019

Tony Hawk vibes

Nov 2019

Today is World Fertility Day, and I’m working with my friends at @avawomen to open the discussion and raise awareness about the struggles so many couples face when working to grow their families. Andrew and I learned how trying that experience can be before we were ultimately blessed with our #rainbowbaby , James. All this month, Ava will be shedding light on fertility related topics, and I encourage you to follow along at @avawomen . If you’re not familiar with Ava, it’s a bracelet worn while you sleep to monitor your cycle in real time. Timing is everything when you’re trying to conceive, and Ava really helps take the guesswork out of the equation. Head to avawomen.com and use code CLAIRE for $20 off your bracelet. #AvaPartner #MyFertilityStory #WorldFertilityDay

Oct 2019

Been waiting my whole life for this moment! Happy Halloween 🎃

Oct 2019

The opposite of birth control (Part 3 )

Oct 2019

Here’s a #fbf for the 7 male followers I have left. Thanks for sticking around!

Oct 2019

As I looked on at my adorable little boy this weekend, dressed in his baby blazer and grinning ear to ear, I realized how much my heart and mind have shifted. After he was born, I questioned whether I was cut out to be a mother. I was riddled with anxiety. I had wanted this baby so desperately and yet he brought me to my knees. Every time I put him down to sleep, I was terrified he would suffocate. I lived in fear that I would drop him or fall down the stairs with him in my arms. I worried daily that I would starve him or not give him what he needed to grow. Sometimes I would sit in my car in the driveway and bawl at the thought of going back inside. I felt sick to my stomach as the sun set, knowing that I needed to wake up every few hours and attempt to feed him (another thing I was failing at ). On top of all this, I felt immense guilt. I had plenty of support. My wonderful husband, family, and friends were always there to lighten the load. Yet, I felt crippled by an overwhelming sense of failure. I had no idea how to face the next day, week or month. I’m sharing all of this to say that if you don’t feel that earth-shattering connection right away, you are not alone. Many of us feel ashamed to open up if we don’t instantly feel the perfect bonds of motherhood at the moment of birth, but it’s so important to be honest if you are struggling. I want to thank all the incredible women who were vulnerable and open - like @ellielemons , who inspired me to share this with her own candid post. I look at my son now and am in absolute awe of him. He is my greatest joy. With lots of support and weekly therapy, I was able to address my feelings of anxiety and inadequacy. They resurface every now and then, but I’m quick to acknowledge them for what they are: fleeting thoughts. I can now honestly say that being James’ mother is the most beautiful thing to ever happen to me.... but I didn’t feel that way immediately. If you’re sad, overwhelmed, hopeless or afraid, I promise it gets better. Be open. Ask for help when you need it. And remember that you’re doing an amazing job. Keep trying ❤️

Sep 2019

Six months with my Jamesy boy. I can’t believe you exist 😍

Sep 2019

Coming for you my boy 😍😍😍