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2 weeks ago

I WENT TO @renolatindancefest !!!!! It’s nice to finally be on a dance team with people just as crazy as me!!! 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’ve enjoyed being on @william_and_eden_dance so far and can’t wait to see what WE has planned out for us!! . . I ALSO GOT TO BE A GUY!!! 😂😂😂 It was a lot of fun doing the #mikezunigachoreochallenge on Sunday night!! I’m happy I was allowed to wear a dress!! 😍😍😍 Even though I still had to grab my crotch. 🙊 (It’s a lot harder than it looks you guys! ) lol . . This weekend is definitely one for the books!!

3 weeks ago

So...... I did the #mikezunigachoreochallenge ☺️ #renolatindancefest #bailemosapparel . . It’s very messy cus I learned it at the last 10 minutes of my lunch at work to be able to record it at home before rehearsal 😂😂😂 . . My life is a mess right now 🤦🏻‍♀️ . . Hope y’all enjoy the little bit of ladies styling in the second video!! I tried! 😂🤷🏻‍♀️💄 . . @mikezooniga @renolatindancefest @bailemosapparel

4 weeks ago

Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind. . . . It’s a little broken, but still good. . . . Yup, still good.

Nov 2019

Sometimes heavy breathing is the only way to go! Lol #samba #dancer #dancerswithcurves #instructor #choreographer #heels #batucada #ritmoenrio #studiorecital #askforinfo Shoes from @brazilcarnivalshop Rhinestones by: myself 🥰

Nov 2019

So much fun at the BBB on Saturday!! I’m glad I was able to share the stage with one of my really good friends @lizzie_041 ! I’m glad we are able to have fun while working on new routines yet get things done and respect each other like the instructors that we are. Love you girl! 💖 I told y’all I was gonna dance with fire... lol

Nov 2019

The worst part about having a mental illness is people expect you to behave as if you don’t. -Arthur Fleck #joker

Oct 2019

So a lot of you know that I’m not a huge fan of all these dips and body movements but that is mainly because they aren’t lead correctly and make us ladies (or gents ) feel unsafe when doing them. But when I danced with @julianzhu .artist I felt secure enough to follow all of those crazy dips and body rolls!! So for those of you who want to be able to d these on the dance floor don’t give up! Keep taking dance classes and keep practicing! It’s a learning progress and eventually you will get where you want to be! I’m not perfect either! Now just one question.... Is this SENSUAL enough for you!? Lol Thank you for the dances Julian!! Ps. I literally thought “F*€ # I’m not gonna be able to get back up!” Lmfao #zoukchata #bachata #bodyrolls #bodymovements #dips #sensualbachata #bachatadips #bachatadancing

Oct 2019

That one time I thought I was @britneyspears 🐍💎 #snake #dancing #bellydance #bellydancing #itsbritneybitch #mynameisbrenda lol

Sep 2019

Deborah: Look! Cuando eras obediente. Me: look! Before I had an opinion. 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 #bowlhaircut #imuglyandproud

Sep 2019

My grandfather. My second father. The man who would take care of me when both my parents were working. The reason why I’m so good at math even though I hate it. One of the reasons why I’m spoiled rotten and will never settle for less in life. We didn’t speak much on the phone after you moved but when we did it would be for hours long. my favorite way of talking was through video chat cus I could see you. No matter what I did or what I looked like, whether I was skinny or on the heavier side, he would say that I was perfect. He loved watching my fb live videos of myself dancing with my friends or teaching classes. I would bug him about his white hair and tell him he should dye it blue so we could be twins. Our relationship was like no other. He was one of the best father figures in my life. (Along side my dad of course. ) He was there to comfort me when I would get into arguments with my parents and to remind me that my parents are getting older and I need to have patience with them. That they have been where I am now and I should really consider what ever advice they are giving me. There’s really is no way to explain what a great person he was to me or how much I loved you, and will love you, from when I was born to the day I pass. I will always remember you. I will never forget the sound of your voice. Te quiero muchísimo abuelito. Nos veremos en el cielo. I’ll see you soon. Descansa en paz. Rest in Paradise. And Happy Birthday! September 16, 1940 - September 14, 2019

Sep 2019

Always such an amazing time at ZOUKCHATA!!! I received nothing but great compliments from not only my friends but others who I have never met before!! The best compliment I probably received this weekend was from @chinitos .___ who said she loves what I stand for!! Girl I was so caught off guard when you said that I didn’t know how to react!! 😭😭😭💖💖💖 When you dance with passion it definitely shows!!! A tip to those who are fairly new to the stage!! Dance with your heart and the beat of the music no matter what movement you do!! It will definitely make a difference in your performance!! Thank you to those who came out to support not only myself but the other performers that night! I saw many friends I honestly did not expect to see that night!! Such an amazing crowd to perform for! 😍😍😍 Special thanks to @lizzie_041 for helping me get back into belly dancing and training me to be the best I can be!! 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 I love you guys!! God bless!! Rant over!! Lol 💙💙💙💙 #dance #bellydance #bellydancer #isolations #percussion #drums #curves #dancerswithcurves

Aug 2019

Dance is more than just a hobby. Its what I breath. It’s a way of life. 💖💃🏻🕺🏻PS. Thank you @luis_garciaofficial for the dance at the @labachatafestival ! 😊❤️ #dance #dancer #passion #bachata #bachatera #bachatero #latindance #lasbf #latepost

Aug 2019

People forget the most important part about social dance which is actually SOCIALIZING! Don’t be afraid to look at your partner and smile! Or if you are like us even SING! 😂😂😂 Trust me when I say it makes a difference! Go out and meet new people! Just relax and have fun! Don’t say sorry when a move doesn’t come out the way you want it to. And when in doubt just SHAKE IT OUT! 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 #dance #dancer #bachata #bachatera #bachatero #shakeitout

Aug 2019

Amazing dances this week! So glad to have met such an amazing dancer!! Thank you @dr__drane for the dances!! #bachata #bachteros #bachatainstructor #IE #Riverside #MorenoValley #dance #dancer #danceinstructor #choreographer #salsa #merengue #cumbia #samba

Jul 2019

HEY YOU GUYS!!!! I just want to let everyone know that I am starting a DANCE TEAM out here in the IE!!! You will be learning EVERYTHING LATIN!!! Samba, salsa, bachata, merengue, punta, and much much more!!!! My focus is mainly on solo/footwork styling but I also have partnerwork/social dance classes as well!! This team is full of men and definitely women of all shapes, sizes, and ages!!! So don't be afraid of not fitting in because YOU WILL! This is a performing group but you are welcome to join just to train as well!! Feel free to message me if you are interested!!! 😍😍😍😍💖💖💖💖💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻🔥🔥🔥🔥 #dance #dancing #dancer #choreographer #instructor #performer #Latin #latindancing #footwork #partnerwork #samba #salsa #bachata #merengue #punta #bellydance #morenovalley #riverside #ie #inlandempire #dancerswithcurves #bodypositive

Jul 2019

I couldn’t pick just one so here’s all 3... lol

Jul 2019

I don’t always dance salsa, but when I do, it’s with a dress that’s too short.. 😂😂😂 #dance #socialdance #salsa #bachata #instructor #instructors #ie #riverside #morenovalley #proabition

Jul 2019

Such a great performance today with the team!! So proud of each and every one of them!!! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Choreo: @dayvidcrz #RitmoYSabor #dance #dancer #salsa #footwork #instructor #passion

Jun 2019

A little fun project the ladies of Ritmo Y Sabor worked on!! 💙💙💙 sisters and momma trio!!! Dancers: @brendiecnavarro @deborah_bambaren @bambarencarmen VC📹: @estrellaayy #RitmoYSabor #ladiesinblue #salsa #dancers #instructors #whereitallstarts

May 2019

So much fun qualifying at the Granada’s bachata social dance competition!! You DO NOT want to miss the finals May 30th!!! 💖💖💖💖 @king_edonce @memo_cruz #dance #bachata #socialdance #socialdancing #instructor #riverside #ie #inlandempire #morenovalley #la #picorivera #downey #dmforclasses

May 2019

Sometimes you just feel like taking a selfie in your pj’s at 7 in the morning you know..? 🤷🏻‍♀️💖 I’m back from Peru.. But I miss it already!! 😭😭😭😭

Apr 2019

Sometimes a 5am selfie is all you got 🤷🏻‍♀️

Apr 2019


Apr 2019

We have a pretty big family ☺️💖 #Peru #family #love